Monday, October 14, 2013

The Weekend Update

There's no place like home.
No place.

All I have to do is leave the farm for a few days, and this becomes my mantra.
So... I am home and happy to be here!

Before leaving on Wednesday,
 we had been without any significant rain for the past couple of months.

Our pond was the lowest I had ever seen it.
While I was gone it rained and rained... about 6 inches in 36 hours.
When I came home, the pond looked like this...

Saturday, Hubbs and I took the kayaks to the river for probably our last trip of the year.

Our local river is a haven for bald eagles, egrets, blue herons, cormorants, kingfishers,
ducks and geese,
so I took my camera in hopes of getting a few good pictures.

Blue herons seemed the most plentiful.
Sitting on the bank, 

they would take off in flight as we approached.

I love these giant birds and their quiet, graceful flight...
legs extended, neck tucked...
skimming along right above the water, never touching it.

Sunday we stayed home and caught up with a little work around the farm.

Planting garlic for next summer's harvest...

Baking pies from our plentiful butternut squash...
(same recipe as pumpkin pie)

Hanging out with the horses, yesterday afternoon,
I wondered what the horses would do if they saw themselves on my i-pad screen,
so I turned the camera around so that they could see themselves on the screen.

Here are the equine versions of "selfies"....

Needless to say, they were quite curious about the horse in the screen!


  1. Selfies, how funny!! The river looks divine, great photos! Yes, as Dorthy would say, "There's no place like home". Did you click you heels??

  2. Beautiful pictures!! I'm surprised your trees haven't begun to turn along the river yet.


  3. Nice post, always interesting. Love all the animals. I miss my farm that I was brought up on. The River behind our barns, so there was always water to play in. Funny pictures of the horses.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Great pictures! If I lived there I'm sure I wouldn't want to leave either!

  5. No matter where it is "There's no place like home"..We had 10-12 inches and really needed it..I miss the blue Herons on the creek..Great shots..

  6. glad you made it back safely! what a wonderful calm river. i bet the animals were happy you were home.

  7. Well the friends on your porch certainly look happy about the rain, and oh my... what a gorgeous heron!

  8. oh I think everyone feels like that too.

    Nothing like sweet home if it be in a Apt, city, or whereever one is blessed to live.

    Nothing also like that bed at home too.

    Have a great day today.

  9. Lovely photos, but your horse selfies cracked me up! Mine would probably google eye themselves too!

  10. Thank you for sharing your pictures. The Great Blue Heron is my favorite bird. I find them a little majestic, a little pre-historic.

  11. Its been so long since Ive stopped by and I'm glad I did today!.. BEAUTIFUL photos and I agree there is no place like home and your home I think is a slice of heaven. I wouldn't want to be away from it either.. LOL I ADORE the horse selfies!


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