Friday, October 4, 2013

Pumpkin Carving 101

Little did I know, when I placed my Autumn display in the yard,
that the display needed yet one more addition...

pumpkin carving!!

The roos, farm stylists,  have taken it upon themselves to carve the large orange pumpkin.
It is a work in progress...
every time I look at it, a little more has been carved.

I can hear them now..."Hey fellas!  Look...lunch!"
"Mmmmmm we love pumpkin!"
Now, if I go out later today and find a candle inside the pumpkin,
well... you might just see that picture on tonight's news!

I'll keep you up to date with their progress.

As for our little elderly chicken who has moved to the barn...
It seems that old Rosalie is feeling much better now.

She ventured outside the barn yesterday...

and much to my surprise, made it the whole way over to the garden.

For whatever time she has left, her life will be peaceful...
with just a little bit of adventure.

Yesterday afternoon I safely tucked her back into the barn,
so that she would not go missing at bedtime.
Finding a wayward chicken in the dark is not the easiest task.

Once Rosalie was safely tucked in her stall,
I headed out to feed the goats.
Upon my arrival at the buck's pen,
(they are housed at Dr. Becky's... right across the field from the girls who are at our farm)
 it dawned on me that we are in the midst of "rut".

Besides applying liberal amounts of aftershave (urinating on their beards),
they are displaying this type of behavior..

With no girls nearby, Chip turns his affections towards Donald, our neutered male.
As you can see... Donald is less than impressed!

And last, but never least...
a wish for a perfect weekend from Moonbeam and the rest of us...

to you!
Thanks so much for stopping by to check on us...
your visits are an important part of our days!


daisy g said...

What a beautiful horse! Enjoy the weekend with all of your lovely critters.

jaz@octoberfarm said...

my squirrels do pumpkin carving too! poor he confused? haha!

Lynne said...

Moonbeam is such a beauty . . .

The "pumpkin carving" reminds me of a few years back when the squirrels feasted on the Indian Corn at our front door. And a bit of pumpkin too.

Junebug said...

My girls haven't started pumpkin carving - yet!! I will be picking all the pumpkins this weekend and hopefully can do a display or two.

Silly Chip and poor Donald, all I'm saying on this subject. Enjoy your weekend, Hugs!!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

My chickens have already eaten their first pumpkin of the season...cut in half and served a few days ago. They wouldn't be inclined to peck their way through one.
Such pretty and soft photos of Moonbeam. Haflingers have such beautiful coloring.

thistlewoodfarm said...

LOL! You have the best pumpkin carvers! So happy that Rosalie is feeling better!

Happy day to you rock star!

Violets Are Blue said...

Poor Donald! Maybe stick him in with the girls, they can all swap girl stuff. Love all your posts. Patty/BC

Susannah said...

Moonbeam is so pretty.(I want to rub his nose!) Your days on the farm are wonderful!

missy said...

Great pictures of "Moonie"..He's so handsome..."Chip with the blubbering lip"..
If you look at the pumpkin, you can see a face :)

Abby Frances said...

Ah pumpkin carving. One of my favorite fall "to do's." I would love to see some of your female goats. Your boys are beautiful, so I hope they don't take it personally. :)

Diane Cayton-Hakey said...

I am very curious as to exactly what design they are carving. LOL it's probably a fancy Martha Stewart design.

Susie said...

Your pumpkin carvings is so funny. :):) I love your horses, they are so pretty.The goats are funny also. xoxo, susie

Cristine Douglas said...

Pumpkin cArving is one of the activities I look forward in Halloween and thanksgiving celebration. Cheers and happy halloween!

- Cristine
Pumpkin Carving Ideas


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