Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween

Here on the farm, we love to celebrate Halloween!
Carved pumpkins,
gourds, squash and corn stalks abound.

We avoid the creepy side of Halloween...
cause we're all scaredy cats!

We do love to dress up however!

And so, without further chatter....

from Daphne and Chloe

and all of the critters here on the farm.

Pictures are taken without hesitation...


in a moment's time, they've removed each other's costume.
I think they are expecting a treat for that little trick!


  1. hahaha..everyone looks so festive! happy halloween!!!

  2. Great way to start halloween!! That hat with the veil is a hoot!! Every time I look at it I laugh. Not showing this blog to our animals...they will feel slighted. Have a Great Day.

  3. Happy Halloween! We don't go all spooky here either, little ones and all. :-)

  4. Loved smiling early in the morning! Happy Day today!

  5. Great pictures! I bet Halloween is a great day on the farm! It is my favorite holiday and my Grandpa's Birthday so it's a big day here! Happy Halloween to you & your family!

  6. They are soooo sweet and cute! Happy Halloween Bee Haven! TerriC

  7. Happy feast! these hats could make nice fly masks!

  8. Too cute..Halloween in Donkey world..Hope all your tricks are good ones...xxoo

  9. Well, that is a pretty neat trick and very deserving of a treat or two... BOO!

  10. I'm surprise you were able to get any pictures before costumes went flying! They surely all needed a treat, no tricks on the farm!! Happy Halloween to ALL!!

  11. Happy Halloween. I love their little hats! So sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Oh how cute are they ? Happy Halloween to you all ! Thanks for sharing. Have a good evening !

  13. They certainly deserve a tasty treat for those tricks. Enjoy your day!

  14. Love the hats! I know you treat them all the time...they are very happy goblins!


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