Thursday, October 10, 2013

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew....

Dear friends,
I have found myself behind the 8 ball so to speak...
trying to get chores finished up and pack and get out of town for a 2 day conference....

Sadly, I did not have time to write a proper post for today or tomorrow.
I am leaving you with just a little snippet each day, instead.
I had the best of intentions.

I failed.
(standing in the corner with a look of shame)

The great thing is...
I know you forgive me.

that's just the way you are!

So, if you stop by tomorrow...I will have just a little something to tell you.
I promise to be right back here early Monday morning with tales to tell...
pictures to share...
and lots more Autumn at the farm!


  1. This post was just fine . . . I like each visit to the Haven no matter what/when you post.

    I'll be back here, sometimes it takes me a few days . . . but I'll be back to visit you and the family . . .

  2. I hope you have an enjoyable time at the conference.

  3. With cute photos like that .. ok your off the hook lol ! Have a good weekend !

  4. Of course you're forgiven..I don't know how you compose such beautiful, thoughtful and creative posts every single day.. So happy that you do though..It's our good fortune.

  5. You may think this is a failure at blogging but I sure got a chuckle out of the shame in the corner. Go have fun we will all be here even for little snippets!!

  6. No worries, have a great time...besides this time of year is just insane!

  7. Are you kidding me? I haven't blogged in two months and you do it every day even with all the things you have going on at the farm. I don't think a couple of days is going to kill us - although I do love your posts! LOL

  8. We understand! I would rather you pack for your conference (nothing worse than getting there and realizing there are no pantaloons in your suitcase)and prep your home so that it can run without you, than fret about a post.
    FYI I found a lovely childrens Thanksgiving book that you need to get. It is called Albuquerque Turkey and since you have turkeys, it is a must read. It is our new favorite over here!
    Meri @

  9. Love your blog! Have a great couple days away!

  10. Enjoy yourself at the conference!


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