Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer Comes To An End

Sammy:  "Can you believe what a beautiful day it is here?"

"It's almost Autumn, but the days are still warm like summer.
And today is so warm I don't even feel like playing with the goats,
so I am just here watching them, and soaking in the sun."

"Mom is over in the henhouse, collecting eggs."

"Maddie, Oakley and I are resting here by the gator.
It's hard work keeping up with Mom!"

Meanwhile in the goat pen, Sally was relaxing in the shade,

when these two gals plopped down behind her...
with no regard to personal space.

Pretty soon the girls were rolling around in the dust, creating quite a cloud.

Amazingly, Sally didn't even seem to notice.
The girls, having finished their baths, got up and marched right past her...
without so much as a "thank you".

The goats are very tolerant of the chickens,
and don't seem to mind their obvious lack of manners.
Maybe we should write a book on manners for the chickens.
What do you think?

Maybe Ginger and MaryAnn should write it...
their manners are impeccable!
That is, if MaryAnn can stay awake long enough to finish a sentence! is a special day here on the farm.
We have a visitor for the day...
Waaaahooooo!!  What fun we're going to have!


  1. Yippee, Monday posts of Tyler I bet!

  2. Looks like lovely weather you're having there.
    Enjoy your day!

  3. I love reading about your farm!! I would really like to be able to have some acreage and a small farm after my children go to college. It just seems so much more peaceful to live with nature and animals all around. Have you ever though of adding a how to section of posts to your blog? That would greatly interest someone like me who is thinking about making this kind of move.

  4. Waaaahooooo!!! Love it when grand kids come to visit. I will be taking one of mine to his football game tomorrow while Dad take the other to his game and Mom take the grand daughter to her soccer game. Wow, I'm almost wore out already, but oh so fun! I'm so glad I live close by to help out!

    Enjoy these wonderful Fall days and soon the raking of leaves and not cocoa nights! Hugs!!

  5. i think the rain is moving in tonight. we need it. the pigs are too funny! have fun with tyler!

  6. Lovely photos ! Yes the weather here is all over the place . Oh have a great day with Tyler . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  7. You can write the book..I want to see them reading it..I guess that will be next.."Miss Manners for chickens"..:)
    Have fun with Ty and a great weekend.

  8. I love the girls buzzy bee top queen for the day! YAY!


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