Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Picture Perfect


a day that was nothing short of perfect!

With humidity gone, and temperatures in the 70's...

I floated through the day like a leaf on a zephyr,
kept airborne by Mother Nature's sighs of delight...
on a day when storybook clouds filled the sky.

It was the kind of day that turned my camera into a 5th appendage...
permanently tethered around my neck by a strap of inspiration.

With laundry finished, garden harvesting up-to-date, and a reasonably clean house,
I spent the day out of doors in the green...
my lungs drinking in as much of the fresh air as possible.

Sounds of the farm, 
accompanied by wind in the trees,
 and tiny cyclones sending dry leaves scrambling across the driveway,
added the musical score to the already perfect production I found myself in.

All of the animals seemed to mirror my delight in the day.
MaryAnn was her usual enthusiastic self...

while the cool afternoon gave Ginger the opportunity spend a little extra time napping.

She roused when she heard me outside her door petting MaryAnn.

The promise of a belly rub was enough to stir Ginger from her nap.

Eventually we all moved out into the grassy yard,

where Moll Flanders decided to join in the fun.

She snuggled up to MaryAnn (who was by this time napping), but, for just a moment...

then quickly escaped to the security of my lap.

Lying there with my head propped on MaryAnn, and Ginger's head in my lap...
(she, who snuggles with pigs)

it occurred to me...
I live a weird, but wonderful life!
And yesterday was the best of days!

And if you ever find yourself in need of a little pig snuggling...
just let me know!

PS:  I finished that woodworking project that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago.
I had found an old industrial cart at a yard sale.
(You cannot imagine how heavy this thing is!)
It was in disrepair... with half of its top previously replaced with plywood (nasty).
I decided to build a new top of oak and use it in our upstairs library.
Here is the finished look:


  1. the cart is wonderful! i have an old barn scale i use as a coffee table which is similar. isn't this just the best weather? it's very nice and cool here this morning and teddy is loving it. we are in for another wonderful day today too!

  2. That cart turned out great!
    I am working outside the home part time these days, so I'm not home as much as I would like. But when I did get home, I sat on the deck and did cross stitch and then did some weeding. It was wonderful!

  3. Love to read your blog. Makes me wanna start building a house at our farm. Not being there all the time to keep it prim bugs me :) Love the cart!

  4. The cart refinish is beautiful! and looks so nice in your library with nicknaks.

    I cannot believe how friendly those pigs are, just adorable :-)

  5. You did have a wonderful day. I love all the photos. That cart, wow, love it!!!!

    I'm trying to return to normal after VaCa, but I'm struggling. I think a snuggle with a piggy would help!! Hugs!!

  6. What a terrific little cart. How nice to have such a perfect day to delight in your farm and all the critters.

  7. That cart is gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing your picture-perfect day!

  8. I've often thought how much I would love one of these carts in my home but have no idea where it would fit. It's VERY gorgeous and what a great job you did on it.... LOVE IT!

  9. The cart is gorgeous and the post is beautiful..Still waiting for the 70's..Maybe tomorrow ?

  10. There is something to be said about FRESH AIR . . . it was glorious here yesterday. I was a giddy, photo, walking ole' lady jaunting all over the place . . . most of the day!

    Love out cart . . . once agin! You amaze me!

  11. Sounds like you are having the same wonderful weather we are here ! I love it ! Wonderful photos ! Oh great job of the table looks fantastic ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  12. Glad you had some nice weather send some my way : ) The cart looks great! I could use some pig cuddles: )

  13. Oh Bev, you truly inspire me.... and soon as we get settled into our new home I plan to roll up my sleeves and get to crafting... well right after we re-paint & re-carpet the house!

  14. Lovely weather. Perfect is right! Also love the cart and what you did with it.

  15. Really enjoy seeing the old cart! Good job, Bev!


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