Thursday, September 12, 2013

Not Much Happening....On The Surface

Yesterday morning I spent some time in the front pasture as the horses were grazing.

As I watched them peacefully chew,
I came to realize how deeply rooted in this land I have become...
and how much this farm has taught me.

Although the temperatures would lead one to believe that we are 
still in the midst of Summer's visit,
there are so many signs that she's packing her bags and preparing to leave us!

One need not have a calendar to know that September arrived last week.
No... living in tune with the land gives a person the ability to recognize the subtle
changes that happen from week to week.

The sound of morning on the farm has drastically changed.
No longer are my morning chores accompanied by a symphony of bird songs,
but instead the subtle chirp of crickets fills the air.
The cicadas are silent, as are all but the last couple of katydids.

The monarch butterflies have emerged from their cocoons and are flitting from
flower to flower gathering energy for their long flight to their mating grounds.

The swallows, robins, and hummingbirds have headed south, leaving their empty nests behind.
The grackles have begun to flock... gathering armies in preparation for their mass exodus.

By outward appearance, not much has changed.
The leaves on the trees remain green.
The flowers continue to bloom... bees busily gathering nectar and pollen
as they have for months.

And yet...each day brings a little more change... subtle change.
Being here to see it and (better yet) to recognize it is magical!
I feel so privileged to be a student of this earth...
and to have Mother Nature as my tutor.


  1. even with this awful heat i love this time of year. we have had little wind this entire summer but the last few days we've had a breeze and it has a hint of coolness in it.

  2. Beautiful pics . . . love the first one . . . framable . . .

  3. Here it already looks like fall as we are in a dry spell. Yellow, brown and fallen leaves.

  4. My horse has been shedding for the past month and this week he is getting that early soft fuzzy feeling that comes with Winter. The chickens are finishing their molt and I saw a bluebird yesterday. They are small gradual changes and I so enjoy it.

  5. Tis true..Mother nature is a great teacher..Lately, the robins have been here through the winter..The leaves are starting to fall..Loads of Finches at the feeders ,every time I see a squirrel it has a nut in it's mouth and they are very prevalent right now. I wish the temperatures would catch up!!

  6. Wonderful photos and post ! I am in tune with mother nature as well and all of her changes . Our Monarchs have been scares this year as their migration in the spring was severely interrupted by the weather . The hummers here are filling up before they go on their long journey and the other summer birds have already gone whilst some fall and winter birds have returned . The weather has been cool , humid , sunny and rainy with lots of storms quite all a mix up for this time of year and is affecting how the land changes . I find that knowing how mother nature works her magic I feel closer to it and so enthralled by it all ! Always a learning experience . Being raised on a farm you look , listen and learn from mother nature ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  7. Fantastic pics of the horses in the fields. Well, all of your pics are wonderful. This is a beautiful well written. I truly enjoyed it and feel the same way about our season right now.

  8. All a glorious part of that wondrous circle of life, which we are blessed to be a part of! I so agree with your thoughts, and really enjoyed the pics of your beautiful horses and countryside. So pretty!

  9. How are the turkeys??? You haven't said anything about them for a while now...

  10. It looks so peaceful on your farm!

  11. It looks so peaceful on your farm!

  12. Yes, it is indeed ending. There are some subtle signs here but with that huge storm last night...I am even more convinced she is just around the corner.

    Lovely post, precious thoughts.

  13. I kiss the cacophony of birds most, but on the other hand, mornings in autumn are very peaceful. I too have learned much from country living,and have become as much a part of this land as the walnut trees and the flowing stream.

  14. Thanks for popping by my blog yesterday! What lovely horses you have!


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