Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Breaking And Entering

Monday morning, as I tended to morning chores, I walked down through the dry lot
to the pigs' stall and found that the uppermost board across their door 
had been knocked down during the night.

Any guesses who the perpetrator was?

You got it....Moonbeam.
I have worried for the past year that one day he would be able to knock
that board down.
You see, our dear sweet Moonbeam has only one thing on his mind.
And that!
Now that I am supplementing the pigs' diet with hay, 
he knows there is a tasty treat inside their stall.

Needless to say I fixed that board before even taking a photo.
Five three-inch screws on each side of the board
should hold even Moonbeam at bay!

Since cooler weather has arrived, I am closing the outer door to the pig stall
at night, so breaking and entering will no longer be a nightly pastime.

Ginger and MaryAnn are quite relieved!

Yesterday morning as I was out running errands,
I came upon this crossing the road...

a mother turkey and her seven adolescents.
I tried to entice her to come home with me to Tom and Chuck,
but, instead, she ushered her youngsters into the woods for safety.

There's been a little extra activity here at the farm lately.
We've had a little work done on the pond
(while it is extremely low)
to prevent further erosion of its banks.

And the old log cabin is having its foundation buttressed,
and new beams put beneath the first floor floorboards.

Moisture has had its way with this old structure over the years.
We try to maintain its integrity as a historic landmark.

This old cabin has seen a great deal of history during its long life.
Hopefully it will remain standing for many years to come!

And last but not least...
how adorable is this?

Sleepy Daphne, taking a post breakfast nap...

and Chloe stands guard.

I love these two!!!!


  1. Bev, you give your critters such a good life... isn't it a great feeling? ... and What a gem, to have that history cabin on your property!

  2. what is the history of the log cabin? do you have plans for it in the future. it is wonderful!

  3. Ah, Moonbeam, you wiley critter! I know your Mommy gives you plenty of food! Love the pictures.

  4. Moonbeam doesn't show one bit of guilt on his handsome face. No shame.

  5. Love here for Daphne and Chloe also. Two adorable donkeys are on my list of wants. I have a solution to the log cabin. I'll move in and keep it warm and safe. Then I could visit all the tails when ever I wanted to! hugs!!

  6. You certainly have been busy. It's always a good time to work on the pond when it's low. I'm hoping to someday add a pond to my little farm. I think it would be a nice addition.

  7. A visit with you fills me with smiles and Moonbeams! Just can't help it!

  8. Your horse is so pretty. My husband has taught the granddaughters to say, "any palimino is a pal-of-mino" They say every time they see a palimino too.
    Your animals looks so clean and happy....that's the way it should be.xoxo,Susie

  9. Daphne has the right idea... nappy time! lol!

  10. Oh Moonbeam you little devil lol ! Lovely photos . Love the donkey girls , I wanted to get in that photo and cuddle that fuzzy donkey bum as she was laying there lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !


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