Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Delicate Subject

For Sale
One baggy, saggy, smelly, used Newfie.
(Just kidding... I could not bear to part with my best friend!)

Poor Maddie....poor us.
She woke up yesterday morning in a blue fog of stink.

Her anal glands (should we even discuss this in public?) had a major explosion.
This happens every so often with poor Maddie... it's just the way life is.
Then to make matters worse, she rolled in something dead (as girl dogs are prone to doing.)
And why, may I ask, do they always like to cover their necks with such stench?
On top of all of that, she decided to have an adventure in the woods...
picking up about 150 burrs on her coat.

A bath was the only course we could take, so off to the barn we went.
We have hot and cold water at the barn...which makes bathing much easier.

Of course we had an audience....
onlookers who were relieved to see that the hose was not out for one of them.

Why is it that everyone hates baths?

After such a smelly day, I needed to fill my senses with the aroma of autumn...
something warm and spicy!
Because we have a bumper crop of butternut squash, I looked for a cookie
recipe for butternut squash cookies and found this one.

I added walnuts and chocolate chips....yummy!!

The farm is so beautiful this time of year.
All of the flowers are at the peak of their blooming.
I bring as many into the house as possible,
knowing that all too soon the first frost will wipe away all traces of those blossoms.
And so I tuck vases of fresh cut flowers in any empty space...
like on the hearth...


  1. poor maddie! she looks so cute though. we are in for some really hot days and then another cool down. teddy will stay inside all day and lay right in front of her fan!

  2. Wow, anal sac explosion. I might rather deal with a skunked dog, than that. Especially with such a large dog. Glad you were able to clean her up and get your nose right with the world again.

  3. Poor Maddie. Well, at least it wasn't a skunk! See, things can always be worse. Try to have a better day, Maddie girl. xox

  4. UGH!.. that anal gland smell is absolutely awful. Our Dane had just one incident of it SO FAR!!.. and OMG it was awful.

    I'm doing the same with our blooms, now you've inspired me to go get some of the hydrangea before that dries up too...

  5. Oh Maddie!!! I'm so glad Mom clean you up. Yuck! I'm so glad you filled the house with yummy cookie smell. Did Maddie get one for a treat???

  6. Poor Maddie..I hope she feels better..I know she smells better and everybody is happy..Flowers are lovely

  7. Aren't you happy you have the barn for her baths? What a day for Maddie.
    I love hydrangeas and may need to go buy some at Trader Joe's since we don't have our own.

  8. Miggs is the same here ! Some dogs just are like this lol ! Oh the cookies look good ! Lovely photos ! It is so hot and humid here they are saying it is the hottest it has been all summer ! Heat and humidity advisories all over . 82°F feels over 100 . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  9. Sorry for Maddie's having to have a "big scrub!"

    I have been doing the same with all things blooming. Grab and cut while I can!

  10. not sure who I feel sorry for the most,,, Maddie~girl or 'mom'...
    but on the plus side... at the end of the day, when hubby walks in the door, I am sure he won't be questioning "what you did all day"..lol!
    Hugz & hang in there... Autumn is on the way!


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