Monday, August 19, 2013

Vegetable Lovers

Our autumn-like weather has continued right through the weekend.
I am told, however, that we are returning to summer later this week.
For now, though, I am enjoying the cool nights...
great sleeping weather!

Friday's hay making was a big success.
With the help of friends and neighbors,



and I

were able to stow another 220 bales of homegrown hay into our barn 
for the coming winter.

Although we will need to buy more at some point,
it is great to have our own hay to feed our animals.

We get such satisfaction from that!

It seems that life, right now, is all about vegetables!
We picked about 30 lbs of tomatoes over the weekend,
and I turned them into 11 pints of. pizza sauce.

We also processed another batch of hot peppers,
and froze corn.
Today I will be roasting our pumpkins and freezing the flesh for pies and goodies this winter.

I have started to use some of our harvest for superfood smoothies.
Yesterday morning's farm breakfast included a homegrown blueberry/kale smoothie,

as well as our own eggs and veggies made into a Southwestern omelet.

There's nothing better than knowing exactly where your food comes from,
except perhaps having grown it all yourself!
Seriously...try it.  Start small.  You'll be hooked!

We also had watermelon/cucumber/spinach smoothies for dinner last night...
two servings of vegetable, and two servings of fruit in one drink!
(low calorie, and very healthy!)
(I forgot to take a picture of that was green!!)

We aren't the only ones who are enjoying our veggies right now, though...

Ginger and MaryAnn are hooked on carrots!

The chickens love this time of year,
as they benefit from tasty treats like organic corn cobs and watermelon rind
and split tomatoes.

As for the donkeys...
they could care less about vegetables.

They'd rather have a good scratch than just about anything!

PS:  Our honey harvest got pushed back to this Thursday.
We will share pictures of that adventure on Friday.


  1. I like the synchronized carrot eating . . . always a fun visit to "The Haven!"

  2. those girls eat like pigs...very very cute pigs! they sure do like carrots.

  3. I'm with the donkeys..I've thought about smoothies..Still have to buy all the ingredients..:) Great job with the hay..Sorry I missed it this year..Cute piggie video..Have a great week..Summer will return..Love sleeping in this weather too..The birds get me up in the morning..or at least awake..

  4. Oh gosh, that little begging sound at the end, chewing on the fence, is just too cute. We have very small Asian Pears off our little tree and the donkeys are loving those for a treat. They also like the crabapples.

  5. Wonderful photos and post ! Oh I do love those two piggies awesome video ! WOW ! Lovey harvest of fresh food . We are starting off small as of next year with a raised veggie garden . I did home grown when I was on the farm as a kid , I hope all the tricks of the trade come back to me lol ! One day Papa and I would like a hobbie farm of our own I do miss it ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

  6. Glad you were able to get some of your own hay this year. You are pretty strong, there, girl! Those bales are heavy! I enjoy reading about you and your farm. very interesting!

  7. Looks like a really productive day on the farm. It is that time of season when the summer harvest keeps on coming...You are right, there is absolutely no better food than homegrown or just knowing where it is from.



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