Wednesday, August 28, 2013


It's the end of summer and now we have the hot, sticky weather.
And although heat and humidity are not my favorites,
I am reassured by the fact that this can't last for long... not at this time of year!

Yesterday was a crazy busy day on the farm.
People coming and going... deliveries, tree trimming, etc.

Over the past year we have had several trees die.
The trees that were at risk for falling on structures (barns, sheds, fences)
were cut down yesterday.

A large pine tree in the dry lot had to come down.
It seems that a few equines have been nibbling the bark on this tree...
to the point that eventually the tree was bark-less!
Now, I'm not going to name names, but I bet you can guess who the responsible parties are.

While the tree trimmers were working,
the horses were on lock-down.
Moonbeam and the Littles in one stall.

Donnie and Scarlet in the other.

"Where's Scarlet?" you ask.
Well, Scarlet was not having anything to do with "time out", so she remained out in the dry lot...
supervising from a distance.

Once the tree was down, she meandered over to check it out.

You might notice that we left the trunk where it stood...
a scratching post.

And when the work was complete, everyone had to check it out...
and mark their territory.
Amazingly, each took their turn urinating on the freshly chipped pine.

"There,"  they said, "just how we like it!"

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, I did manage to preserve another
10 pints of tomato sauce.
Today.... more grape jam!


  1. Animals seem to have that 'marking my territory' down pat!

  2. We have a few trees that need to come down too. Not near any structure, but one hangs over the lane and would hate to see it drop on anyone as they drive up to the house. It was damaged by lightning. Soon... Soon it will be taken down. xox

  3. a scratching post! what a great idea!

  4. We have a few old trees to take down this fall as they have pretty much had it good fire wood for us to lol ! Lovely photos ! Never a dull moment on a farm I know that ! I love seeing the horses rum their bums on a fence post scratching their expressions are priceless !Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  5. Two words never uttered by you.."I'm bored"....Lot's of different forms of entertainment/chores in your life for sure..

  6. Sounds like a busy day indeed! Animals are so funny about having to mark their territory :D Your horses are beautiful. We only have one right now, but I hope to get more eventually!

  7. You are very wise to take these trees down we had to take out 16 trees a few years back after a 50 foot oak fell on our house slicing it in two!!!! we were extremely lucky as we were sitting watching Tv when the tree came down a few feet from us the noise was unbelievable and scared... is not even the word for this experience, it took 6 months to redo the house. We did learn one thing if the tree had been dead when it came down the insurance would have not paid for anything thank heaven it was still full of leaves only the core had died, so we had someone come over and see what other trees needed to come down, what he used to see if the trees were rotten inside he used just a metal tool nd taped on the bark and put his ear to the trunk!!!! hence 16 trees gone... I still cringe when we have thunderstorms!!!!

    Annie v.

  8. My Omas goats always destroyed trees I remember they tried everything to keep them safe from the goats but they always managed to eat them all up : ) I sure am ready for fall.


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