Thursday, August 22, 2013

Internal Clocks

What I failed to mention in yesterday's post about our dogs
is that until a few months ago we had 5 dogs.
We lost our elderly Hickory (17 year old Norfolk terrier) last December,
and our sweet, sweet Sadie (9 year old Bernese Mountain dog) in May.

So your suggestion that perhaps Sammie needs a puppy was heard...
but not likely acted upon.

Actually, I also failed to mention that Sam and Oakley are marvelous friends
and play together quite often.
The age difference, however, comes into play...
as Oakley tires out way before Sam does.

Who knows....if the right dog just happens to land in our laps.....
who knows.....
Thanks for your concern on Sammie's behalf... he was quite humbled.

 The boys and I headed down to the garden yesterday morning to pick some more grapes.
I had my camera with me and hoped to snap some photos of the horses
out grazing in the front pasture.

The funny thing was...
as soon as I opened the gate and entered the pasture,
they all ran past me and back into the dry lot.

You see...
it was the usual time that I call them in for their pelleted feed.
They are such creatures of habit that they assumed by my presence
that it was time to come in.

It always amazes me how animals seem to have an internal clock,
and even an internal calendar.

Every day at noon time the chickens line up by their gate
in anticipation of being let out to free range.
(I keep them in for the morning to assure that eggs will end up in nesting boxes.)

As soon as the gate opens, they charge out with something as close to joy
as you could imagine.

They head for their dust baths in the woods,
and then out into the pasture to eat grass and insects.

Another amazing creature that has an internal clock/calendar is the hummingbird.
Each year around this time, the male hummingbirds head south to the Caribbean.

The females and their young, like this baby male hummer,
will stay behind until September...
at which time the babies are strong enough to make the trip.

Each and every day I am amazed by this earth and the animals that call it home.
I am surrounded by so many miracles of nature.
I am truly awed.


  1. Thanks for the Hummer refresher..I think I've had the same two hummers all summer..Never together..One is bigger than the other..the smaller one is here mostly now..I don't think I've seen any little ones..Enjoy your day..

  2. Lovely photos ! I am sure Sammy has lots of friends to play with there on your farm lol . I am amazed of the nature we have here to and how beautiful it all is I hear you on this for sure ! Yup animals get used to a routine as do people . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  3. Thanks for the wonderful pix and stories. Your blog is my favorite and I read it every morning before work. I too love the everyday little moments enjoyed when we stop long enough to discover them. Have a great day! Kathy

  4. i am constantly amazed by nature. it is very miraculous!

  5. Amazing photo of that little hummer. Thanks for the daily reminders of the beauty around us.

  6. I love hearing all about the animals on your farm. Thanks, also, for the info you provide, I learn something every time.

    My girls are such great time keepers too. I love how they know when it is time to get back into the coop before the automatic door closes.


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