Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Milford Makes A Move

 (Off-kilter, odd, disorderly, not quite right, bizarre)

Both of these are fun words, and words that I don't have to use much
(thankfully) with regards to the farm.

Today, however, they are the perfect descriptors for the Roos.

You see....
two weeks ago I moved the newest hens from the brooder house by our log home
(almost a quarter mile away) to the henhouse out by the goats.

The seven roosters that happened to have been shipped (as peeps) with these gals
remained behind.
Two of them found a new home, leaving 5 "spare" roos.
(Meet Milford, Milroy, Milton, Millard and George.)

This is standard procedure whenever I raise new hens...
eventually the girls join the other flocks of layers,
and the boys remain behind.
Too many roosters stresses the hens,
and creates tension between the roos.
Just plain ugly.

So, the system that I have come up with seems to work best for us.

But, I have digressed, so let's get back to our story.
Five new roosters remain in the brooder house,
 which is right next door to the little house where Statler and Waldorf live.
(Oh, and I have a Waldorf story for you...but that will have to wait 'til this "tail" is finished.)

So, let's pick up our story where we left off last week.
As of last week, the new roosters had not left their house...
for fear of Statler and Waldorf.

Early the other morning, I opened the door to the brooder house 
and found that I was one rooster short.
Milford, one of the lovely white Red Star roos, had gone AWOL!
And the other four (Milton, Millard, Milroy and George) were not talking!

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I opened the 
door to Statler and Waldorf's house and found not only those two grumpy old men...

but also one of the new roosters!

I have no idea what precipitated this move.

Perhaps, while the old guys were out running around,
young Milford, here, checked out their coop (curiosity got the best of him.)

I am guessing they came home while he was casing the joint and he hid in the corner.

Nightfall came...and what was he to do?
Sit there "vewy, vewy quietwy!", I suppose.

Or perhaps there was a squabble amongst the new roosters and
young Milford was asked (very kindly, I'm sure) to leave.
It was a hasty exit, though, because (as you can see) he forgot to pack his stuff!

Whatever the reason,
Milford moved.
And it seemed he was not interested in returning to his young compadres.
Perhaps he is wise beyond his years, and the others seem too adolescent.
Perhaps he enjoys the company of two seasoned, experienced gentlemen with fantastic
stories to tell.
Who knows.

All I know, is this.
My roosters are all discombobulated.
(Oh, and I tried returning Milford to his brothers...
but he would have nothing to do with them and quickly ran back to the home
of Statler and Waldorf.)

So, there you have it.
It's a mystery.
And I am sure that this story is only just beginning to unfold.
Stay tuned!

I promised you a "tail" about Waldorf....

Well, ever since our Fourth of July celebration, he is tail-less.

Yes, here he is... "butt naked"!
One of the kids' friends brought their dog (who had never seen a chicken before) to the farm.
Before we knew it, the dog was on top of Waldorf with tail feathers in his mouth.
It was a very close call for Waldorf.
In the "end" it is mostly his pride that is injured.
And thankfully it is not winter,
so we don't have to worry about "frost butt"!

Poor Waldorf.
There is nothing pretty about a naked chicken butt.
Perhaps I should make him a prosthesis.
Any suggestions?


  1. Oh my! So much goings on with the boys!!

  2. was that dogs name teddy? it couldn't have been teddy because waldorf would be missing more than his tail!

  3. I am so in love with your chickens! Poor Waldorf!!!!!

    Jackie Hall

  4. Oh my . . . "frost butt" had me in giggles . . . discombubalated for sure . . .

  5. Poor guy, and very lucky....although tail-less! Love all your "tails"! ~Kim

  6. Poor Waldorf, but like you said, at least it's not winter... Maybe you could sew him a stylish, yet manly cover-up? ;-)

  7. Oh Goodness, This post was almost R Rated, naked butt! Poor Waldorf!!! Remember at Thanksgiving how we made paper feather head bands, well just a thought!

    Out to water my garden before work with a chuckle of naked butt!

  8. I know nothing about raising chickens but do the tail feathers grow back. I had a Double Yellow Amazon and she picked feathers here and there and they grew back. Either way being nearly eaten by a dog must have messed with his head. I know it would have mine!

  9. Oh my I was giggling to how you wrote this lol ! Oh poor guy maybe you could knit him a butt cover hehe ! Yes never bring dogs around farm animals if they have never been around them things like this will happen . I am just glad Waldorf has just his pride or rather his butt tweaked a bit and nothing worse came of it ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  10. Have any peacocks in the area that have shed some feathers!?! -cynthia in Denver.

  11. Sounds like a lot of shenanigans (I like that word too) going on at the farm too, hahaha! Poor Waldorf.... it's tough to look manly with no tail feathers!

  12. OMG..Poor Waldorf..A prosthesis !! Only you..What a great story teller you are..Love the Roo story..I don't think I would like to get "discombobulated" in a spelling Bee..Certainly not the other one...Maybe Milford is just trying to even out the numbers in their residences..??

  13. you do give me laughs, you have such a great way of looking at life around you, and making us happy in the bargain...

    Annie v.

  14. Oh my goodness poor Waldorf but I can't help LOL.. Your story telling is the best.. Way to go Milford.. Maybe Waldorf will be nicer to Milford since he's lost his rear and all will be well?

  15. Sounds like a lot of mystery and monkey...I mean..rooster business! I love it when you tell a story. I get so involved! LOL!

    Great blog!


  16. So glad you didn't lose your Waldorf! Scary! But love your stories! Love your Blog!!! :o)

  17. Peacock feathers? Ha! I am loving this story about the roosters. Aren't chickens fun?


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