Monday, July 22, 2013

Chicken Dynamics

Happy Monday!
After a week with lots and lots of company...each and every day,
I am spending this coming week getting caught up on garden work.
It's time to tear out the spring plants and get boxes ready for fall planting.

We've had a lot of rooster activity in the past few days.
After refusing to leave his house for the past two weeks, Milford has been moved...
to the barn.

Hubbs took him by gator....
and released him to run free around the barn.

He met the horses,

and was shown where to find his meals.

At first he was a bit timid and retreated to the safety of a pine tree by the barn.

Later in the day, however, he relaxed and bit
and started investigating.

The guineas on the other side of the garden fence were a curiosity.

When the sun went down, Hubbs picked him up
(he is actually quite friendly, and let Hubbs pick him up)
and put him in the feed room in the barn.
Hopefully he will find a comfy bale of hay for the night.

As for the rest of the roos....

They are all finally outside spending the day together.

Millard and Milroy have moved into the Frat House with Statler and Waldorf.

Milton and George continue to roost in the brooder house.

I have a feeling that a few weeks from now all of the roos will be living in the Frat House

We continue to pick our blueberry bushes daily.
The freezer is full of berries for use throughout the winter.

And it won't be long before we'll be harvesting sweet, juicy watermelons...

and pumpkin babes for making pumpkin pies!

I hope to have a well manicured garden to show you later this week.
Right now, though, it's a little wild and wooly!!


  1. i have such garden envy! yours is just wonderful. what will you do with all the watermelons? do the pigs get some? and pumpkins!!! i plant them but something eats the blossoms before they set.

  2. You make gardening and farm life look so enticing . . . I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing the Bee Haven families!

  3. The roosters are all so handsome. The pumpkins look like they are going to be delicious and the watermelons too.

  4. Ah, those silly roos!

    Your garden may be wild and wooly right now but your yield is looking yummy!

  5. Looks positively wonderful as it is. Lovely handsome.

  6. Milford must feel so special..I'm glad they don't all require such individual attention..Your garden is doing what it's supposed to do and keeping you busy in the process..

  7. What kinds of things do you plant for the fall. We are about to tear out the beds from our potatoes and green beans. We are going to replant green beans but want more fall crops. What else can we plant?

  8. I have one that is looking rather Roo'ish lately. Forming some fancy tail feathers. We shall see.
    I would be interested in that book you talked about. I have had some trouble two years in a row, with my cantaloupe getting aphids!!! I don't use any chemicals in my garden, so I just spray them away, but I do not want them!!!
    What are planting for Fall?
    xo Kris

  9. For those "city folk" of which I am one, can you explain Milford's issue? I don't get it. Thanks--love your blog. Kathy in Phoenix

  10. Loved this post! The Roos were fun, and the guinea fowl, and the garden...Enjoy preparing for the fall.


  11. Loved the use of pictures. It made the post that much more entertaining. Its interesting to see how people run there own farms. Everyone is different in many ways.


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