Tuesday, July 2, 2013

100% Chance of Vegetables!

We're in the midst of a weather pattern that only a gardener could love!

Daily storms have provided enough moisture to make watering unnecessary.

 The garden has literally exploded with green biomass.

Every single seedling has thrived,

and each plant has produced beautiful, tasty veggies.

(The cucumbers above are "salt and pepper" cucumbers.)

The area of the garden that is planted with squash is like a squash nursery...

with vines filling the aisles between the boxes.

with tiny babies hanging on each vine...

growing bigger each day!
The great thing about squash in raised beds is just how many plants you can cram into one bed.
Most of the plant ends up spilling out onto the floor of the garden...
so there is no waste of useful space.

Baby pumpkins appear to grow right before my eyes.
Hopefully this little fellow will some day grow up to be a pumpkin pie!

The only downside to all of this growth is the fact that it is not limited to just the veggies.
No, the weeds have mass produced and formed a green carpet between the
raised beds.

I spent several hours yesterday pulling weeds.
Luckily, with so much rain it is quite easy to yank them out of the moist mulch by the roots.

Interspersed between the edibles are beds of cutting flowers
which are growing equally well.

Sunflowers line the garden fence and will soon tip their smiling faces toward the sun.

I literally spend hours here each day, weeding, weeding, weeding.
Moll is my faithful companion who never leaves my side.

It's good to have company with a job as big as this!

We are also now in the midst of blueberry season,

and pick our 100 blueberry plants nightly.

By the end of the week I will have enough blueberries to make a large batch
of blueberry lime jam.

These plants are about 6 years old now,
and this year for the first time are yielding tons of big juicy berries.
In addition to blueberry jam, I see blueberry buckle in our immediate future...
as well as some berries frozen for use during the winter.


  1. i am so impressed with your gardens! my zucchini keep flowering but not a zucchini to be seen??? i didn't cover my blueberries so i now have many happy birds. i think i lack sun. the things i have planted in pots on my driveway get lots of sun and they are doing better than my actual garden. i might have to cut down some trees.

  2. Wow! What an explosion of growth. We are enjoying steady rain like never before. It's a good thing...

  3. We have had a huge weed problem as well, but not so much in the garden as along our front walkway. Can't keep up with the silly things I tell ya.

    Your garden is just sooo wonderful, Bev!

  4. I love your garden. Mine is not a large but I do have the raised beds. My big question is, how do you keep things (grass, weeds, etc) from growing in your paths? Our garden is small so we could spread weed cloth and put down pebbles or mulch but that does get expensive. What do you use?

  5. I am a little jealous of your large garden with all the squash and pumpkins. But I know I couldn't use it all, or keep it weeded. We are getting that daily rain too. And the daily berry picking. Love that part:) It has been the best year for the garden, hasn't it?

  6. Oh weeds go away!! Ive been away for a couple of weeks and you know the task I have at hand. Weed, weeds and more weeds. it's in the 90s here so I am watering, watering and watering. Your garden looks so lush and yummy!!!

  7. Everything looks so wonderful there . I am glad your crops are doing so well ! Wonderful photos ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  8. I would love to have your rain!!! I water in the morning and at night. By hand. My garden is suffering from this heat!! Next year, I plan to double my space!!! Since we sold our motor home, I have a much larger space to work with that gets full sun! I can hardly wait!!
    Those blueberries made my heart go pitter pat!!
    xo Kris

  9. You amaze me girl! Bee Havens Fruits of your labor too!

  10. The raised gardens are beautiful and not as backing breaking as ours. We love the rain in the garden but wish it would subside long enough to harvest the hay.
    We hung an owl in the blueberry patch two nights ago to see if it would scare the birds away. I'll have to check on them this afternoon if it stops raining. They're scarfing up the wild raspberries too.

  11. Too bad there isn't something those turkeys could do besides stand around and look threatening..Everything looks wonderful..I guess you can't have good veggie weather and good hay weather too....All that work has certainly paid off..Good job..

  12. Wow! It is like the plants just blew up all at once....but what a joy to see. I hope you have tons and tons of veggies and blueberries. Your garden is gorgeous. I love coming here to see it. You should be proud of all the work you do.


  13. Bev, I am sooo green w/garden envy... after all the rain we had a sudden heat surge and my garden totally wilted... I had to water it 3 times in the day to try to bring it back to life... keeping my fingers crossed that I was able to rescue everything... oh sigh!
    Enjoy your blueberries... :>)


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