Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Objects of His Desire

Our hayfield is finally mowed and baled.
Happily, this time I didn't have to do any of it.
Sadly, this cutting is going to a local dairy farm to feed cows,
not staying here to feed our horses.

We have never successfully harvested the first cutting of the year.
Weather in the spring and early summer is not conducive to drying hay.
Hopefully we will be able to harvest a cutting in the late summer...
if we get any rain along the way!

I have been thinking lately about some of the spaces around the farm
that I have lovingly created as peaceful refuges.
I love creating welcoming spaces.
One of my shortcomings is, however, that I don't spend enough time enjoying these spaces.
I am turning over a new leaf.
I am dedicating a piece of each day to relaxation,
in places like this....

Last evening I sat with a favorite magazine in the peaceful cool
of the setting sun.
With the usual evening symphony of birdsongs as a backdrop,
I thumbed through the pages dreaming of cottages by the sea.

Alone, but not lonely, 

I flipped through the pages and enjoyed pictures of
spaces that others have created for the same purpose.

I found it nearly impossible to get much reading done,
as my friends were all quite active around my feet.

The turkeys came and ruined Maddie's peace...
(she gets quite freaked out by them!)

 To the right of me, Moll and Oakley watched something in the distance 
from their perches at the perennial garden.

Caicos peered at me through the arbor...

And Tom...
well Tom became quite amorous with my shoes.

Quite so...

Freakishly so....

I think he just may have a shoe fetish.

Really, Tom?
They might actually look better on him than on me!


  1. hahaha....turkey shoes...who knew?

  2. I began all relaxed with you and then I was LOL at Tom and your shoes. I actually think he wants to wear them . . . Really fun post . . .

  3. I think you radiate positive energy and the animals are naturally drawn to you. Tom in your shoes is such a great photo. You should enter that one in a contest.

  4. Hello is Leo the cat doing ok? Thanks, Terri C

  5. Hi Terri C.

    Yes, Leo is doing great. He is growing a chubby Buddah belly....living the life in the barn. I will post a picture of him tomorrow for you.

  6. I love the turkey in the shoes! Very funny! Anyway, the spot you chose to relax looks perfect. I find it hard to use even our deck and porch to relax. I'm always going and then I crash:)

  7. Still laughing...Turkey kicks..too funny..cute post...Hugs

  8. I love to go sit in the shade in as the sun is going down, and read, or just watch the chickens and dogs play. I cracked up at the turkey in your shoes!!!
    xo Kris

  9. The pictures made me laugh, but the arobor and swing look so serene!

  10. Oh my what lovely photos . Your quiet place looks wonderful even with some friends with you . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  11. I read somewhere once, that in the days of driving flocks of geese to market they would "shoe" the geese to protect them from becoming footsore....maybe he read it to and decided he wanted fancy shoes??:)

  12. Do these shoes make my wattle look big? ;)

  13. What a wonderful spot to relax with your farm friends! Love that Tom wanted to wear your shoes.


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