Monday, June 24, 2013

Family Farm Day

What a beautiful weekend we had!

Saturday was our annual Family Farm Day,
and this year's attendance was terrific.

With help from some of our kids and our friends, we entertained
about 130 guests.

Andy grilled hotdogs and hamburgers to go with the wonderful picnic food that
each family brought to share.

The picnic pavilion was a great addition this year...
giving us a shady spot to serve and eat picnic fare.

Amanda, Tim and Amanda's friend Shannon helped with hosting, 
by giving tours around the farm, visiting with guests,
and helping to keep the picnic area and grill well stocked.

We had several hayrides,

on which several deer and fawns were spotted.

Ginger and MaryAnn were a favorite,

as well as the goats....

with Ritz crackers being doled out by the dozen!

The dogs got plenty of attention... and treats!

I'd like to thank all who attended for helping to make this event a success!
We will surely do it again next year.

Sunday, we had farm breakfast bright and early,
then took our kayaks for a morning trip down our favorite river,
the Juniata.

Our neighbors Jim, Kathy and Scott joined us
for a seven mile paddle downstream.

For some reason, I seemed to bring up the rear for most of the trip.
I think Saturday caught up with me.
This week will be much quieter around the farm...
no major projects, just the usual chores and maintenance.

Perhaps I will get time to sit and relax for a bit!


  1. how wonderful! i bet the animals had as much fun as the peoples! the pavilion is perfect for this sort of gathering. glad everyone had so much fun and that you had good weather!

  2. It must have been nice seeing so many others enjoying your lovely farm as much as you do. I had a feeling the animals would be a hit.

  3. The farm is perfect for that kind of day..I'm sure a good time was had by all..including the animals..I'm glad you'll be able to relax a little this week especially with the heat..hugs

  4. Sounds like a great Family Picnic Day . . . and the day after, although seven miles would have worn me out! I hope you treat yourself this week to some relaxing time!

  5. Not sure if my comment went through so if it is repeated, forgive me.

    Looks and sounds like a great Family Picnic Day! And the kayak trip the day after . . . Although seven miles . . . I would not be moving today. Treat yourself this week and find some relaxing time!

  6. So glad the weather cooperated and your day turned out so well. I can't believe you even tried going out on the river after such a day. Good for you:) Have a great, restful week!

  7. I'm trying to figure out who had more fun, animals, the guests, or you???

    I'm also laughing with your comment of relaxing, YOU???? I'm sure that sitting down was for a fleeting second because you thought of something that needed done!

    I'm home and am so glad! Two weeks away only make for more weed pulling so I won't be relaxing either!! Hugs!

  8. Looks like everyone had a lovely time. And all the animals were loved on.

  9. What a fantastic family farm day! I can well imagine what fun everyone had! The kayak trip looked like fun too! I hope you can take it easy this week!

  10. How wonderful of you and your family to do this. I bet it was so much fun. And the kayaking trip looks like it was relaxing.

  11. So happy that your Farm Day was such a big success & enjoyed by one & all. You must be exhausted with all you did to prepare & make the fun for everyone. You deserve some time to yourself to just kick back & relax.
    The picnic shelter looked like it hosted with its' 1st big event in fine style. It is a great addition to the farm. I bet the new bio-friendly bathroom received its first big crowd stress-test. I can't imagine having that many people, before you built the new facilities, all using the bathroom in the house. How nice to to have that new addition to the farm too.
    I was happy to see that all the animals got extra treats & lots of attention to make the day special for them too.

  12. hey Bev,,, you & the hub's are awesome! I am sure your guests had a most wonderful time... someday, maybe Gary & I will be out there, sitting under the Pavilion, yacking and sharing the sweet country life with you all.


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