Friday, May 3, 2013

Out On A Limb

My days are never boring.

In fact, my days are so dang amazing that I could write a book.
If. I. Only. Had. Time!

The farm has taught me many lessons.
Perhaps the most important is this.
Never, ever go anywhere without your camera...
and a fully charged battery!

Because you never know what you might see in your travels around the farm.

What do you mean chickens don't usually nap with dogs?

That's nothing.

One of the first things I encountered on my way to do AM chores yesterday
was TomTom.

In a tree.

This was a first.
He usually greets me on the road and hops into the gator for a ride to breakfast.

I have no idea!

Then later in the day I noticed that Sammy had been sitting in the same spot 
on the edge of the woods...

which is quite unusual.
Sammy is usually off hunting, or visiting neighbors, or visiting his farm friends.
He just sat there staring.

"What are you up to SammySam?" I asked.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something in the trees.

It seems our Sammy (the Hunter) had run something up a tree.
I got a little closer...

I'm pretty sure that groundhogs don't usually climb trees.
(look at those claws!)

You've got to admit, he is kind of cute.
Groundhogs are a nuisance on farms.
The holes they dig can break a horse's leg...
so I usually don't mind if Sammy hunts them.

But this fellow?
Well, it didn't seem quite fair to let Sammy have him
after he worked so hard to get away.
So... I loaded Sammy into the gator and home we went.

To call the fire department.

"Hello?  Yes, this is Bee Haven Acres.  It seems we have a groundhog
stuck in a tree."

"What, you won't send a ladder truck out for a groundhog?"


So, you see....never leave home without your camera!

And if you want to understand why I write this blog?
It's because things like this just need to be shared!

Farm Life at its Best


  1. I had always wondered what groundhogs looked like! How funny; I wonder how long the poor thing had been stuck up there! I hope he was able to get down safely.
    And how sweet that Tom Tom waits for you and jumps in for a ride every morning! Who says animals aren't clever?!
    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. You're right, they are cute but they eat every flower in my yard. I have a couple living under my shed. In the summer after they eat they sun themselves on the steps of the shed. Funny goings on at the farm!!!!

  3. That cute groundhog must have run faster than it ever did to get up into the tree. Looks like a girl if I'm looking at her tummy area right. I learned to take my camera with me, too, when going around the farm. Fun, isn't it?

  4. i'm pretty sure that is why they are called groundhogs and not treehogs! teddy would never have left that tree! she would have waited that treehog out forever!

  5. Amen! And no, I've never seen a groundhog up a tree either :-D. Good catch!

  6. Fun post . . . a first for me, seeing a Groundhog converted into a Treehog!

  7. Actually it is not uncommon for ground hogs to climb trees to escape danger. Since we moved to the woods we have seen it many times. My first sight of one I called our DNR an they laughed at me. :o) They sure take a cute picture, don't they? Yours looks sweet, mine always look grumpy.


  8. Groundhog is cute! If you didn't have your camera with you, no one would believe that groundhogs climb trees - a highly motivated groundhog, that is!
    Have a great week-end!
    Lea's Menagerie

  9. OK..So what happened to the ground hog?? Cute picture..

  10. We have had many groundhogs here, but never one in a tree! Keep us updated as to his fate.

  11. I always thought squirrels were cute until I moved to this little ranch and realized that ground squirrels will take over the world if we let them. Our property is littered with deep holes that are a hazard, to say nothing of all the chicken feed they eat. We are in the process of yearly much as we can. Cute? Nope, not in my eyes. Turn your back and let Sammy have fun.

  12. Of course I am wondering if the groundhog/treehog got down. We don't have groundhogs here it is too wet. They would be called wetdog or drowndogs here!hee-hee!! Here's to a great weekend and don't leave the house with out your camera!! Hugs!

  13. Well, he is kinda cute!!! No boring days for you, eh?
    Loved reading about you and your little guy in the previous post! Such a treasure to have these little people in our lives!!
    xo Kris

  14. Groundhogs? the bane of my life, tried everything to keep them out of the flowers, even put up an electric fence unfortunately their coats are too thick, to be affected, and the holes they dig? I cant think straight when I see the damages they inflict, one of them being my husband falling into one while cleaning some under brush. Ah , the country so beautiful, so treacherous at times!!!!

    Annie v.

  15. They are kind of cute except when they dug a big hole underneath our barn and we could not get rid of them!!!!That Sammy is quite a watch dog!


  16. Did he get down? I hope so-he is adorable! (too bad he does bad things) I love it that Tom takes a Gator ride! My dogs love to go on rides in our Gator. Have a terrific weekend! Hugs, Meghan

  17. My goodness! I wonder if the groundhog eventually fell?

  18. I can honestly say I've never seen a ground hog in a tree before. That whole "ground" at the beginning of their name makes you think they don't usually fly or climb or anything but dig. Glad you had your camera!

  19. In all my years as a former farm gal I have never seen a ground hog up a tree lol ! The things one discovers on the farm . Wonderful post and photos . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  20. I live in Wisconsin. Last summer on a very hot day, during our drought, we had a groundhog (woodchuck) come into our back yard and drink out of a big tub we had set out for animals. He then proceeded to climb into a nearby tree and lay on top of the branch with two legs hanging on each side. It was a perfect place to catch a breeze! He slept there a couple of hours! :o)

  21. A groundhog up a tree well I have never.

    Like your pictures with your explanations and cute stories by the animals. Ha,ha.Love the chicken having a nap. Ha.ha.

    I enjoyed you cute blog.

    Thumbs up for all you posted.


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