Friday, May 31, 2013

Good Night

Every night, 365 days a year, we have the same routine.
As the sun starts to set in the west, we head out to the barn to tuck in our beloved critters.

Along the way we stop at the Roos coop where Statler and Waldorf
have already retired for the night.

We close their door to keep them safe from nighttime predators.
By the time we have checked and refilled their food and water,
the young hens in the brooder coop have found their roost inside the coop...
and we close the door to their yard for safety, also.

Down at the pond, the ducks are making their way back home for the night.

A light and a radio playing in the duck hut
 will provide nighttime protection from owls and foxes.

A last feeding is given to the horses 

and donkeys.

The horses spend their night in the dry lot with access to the barn if they want.
The donkeys usually sleep in their run-in shed...along with our white silky Roo, Elton.
(Elton perches himself on top of their salt block for the night.)

After receiving their last meal for the day,
the pigs nestle down in a bed of hay for the night inside their stall.

Number 6 roosts on the fence by the barn.

The guineas make their way back to the barn and eat their last meal
before flying high into the branches of our old pine tree, Sampson, to roost for the night.

The turkeys are closed in their yard

and will roost in their house.

The goats enjoy the cool of the night and are quite active.
Each of them has his own doghouse for shelter if needed.

Every evening one or more of them will perch themselves on top of the houses
to watch the sun set.
This curious behavior is something they only do in the evening.

The rest of the chicken houses are closed for the night,
the hens having made their way inside...
will quietly sleep on their roosts until the first light of day.

Every night the routine is the same.
There is a comfort in the routine.
For us it is peaceful...the end of a busy day.
For the animals it is security.

It is only after this last time out to the barn 
that I feel like I can relax and have some "me" time.
Once the sun has set, however, more times than not I am ready for bed.
After all, tomorrow is another busy day full of chores,
and I will be up with the sunrise!


  1. this would make the perfect bedtime story book for kids. i got sleepy just reading it. but it could be my 4:00 am rising time!

  2. Tucking everyone in for the night is my favorite time of day :-).

  3. A kind of Good Night Moon for animals on the farm.

  4. Sweet. I love how everyone has their place of safety and comfort.

  5. Great Bee Haven mom and dad you are . . . taking care of your flock, daytime and night time . . . Sounds like there are others that think you should write books. (Not sure time wise where you would fit that in!)

  6. Lovely , sweet story..And it starts all over again the next reverse..I'm sure it's very comforting to them to be tucked in each night..and yes, you would find the time to write a book if that is something you would want to do...

  7. I always find a comfort in the animals going to bed for the night. Another day of routine and good food and safety. You are responsible for a lot of critters and it takes you a whole lot longer than it takes me. I love how your roosters each have their own special place they call home for the night.

  8. All is well with my world! Enjoy your weekend!

  9. Same routine but thank the good Lord your able too.
    Your takes are so beautiful!

  10. I just love your ducks! One day I hope to add some to our farm. They are quite spoiled with lights and entertainment every evening!

  11. It is much the same here, only we do not have horses anymore.. nor turkeys. Going about the chores in the evening is my reminder that I can finally relax for an hour or two, too!

  12. Although I have far less to do, and far fewer to tuck in for the night, my routine is the same. I have run away from home, and am up at the cabin. I have left the chores to my husband, who I think, shall gain quite an appreciation for what it is I do. I do love it though. I have stopped by the feed store here yesterday, and they have 3 buff orpingtons. I think I will go get two of them, to round out my flock with an even dozen. If I find a Cuckoo Maran, however, I will have to have a Baker's Dozen.

  13. Even though it's the "same old same ole" - you're the gate keeper and the protector!! All your creatures are blessed to have you care for them AND love them!!

  14. I loved this post, and can feel that peace at the end of your day.


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