Thursday, May 9, 2013

For The Love of Salt

Every afternoon, a trip to the pond 
results in this find...

four lovely duck eggs.

We have come to love our duck eggs...
available only in the spring.

Our ducks are trying hard to increase their numbers,
and daily I am thwarting their efforts.

Our duck eggs have become a hot commodity.
Hubbs gets requests for them all the time.

You see, duck eggs are richer, fluffier, and tastier than chicken eggs.
And I have to admit that our chicken eggs are the best I have ever tasted.
But, the duck eggs?....  Over the top deliciousness!

So, it looks as though our flock will stay the same size this year...
unless there is a sly duck lying on a nest hidden in the woods!

So, if you ever have an opportunity to enjoy some duck eggs,
fry one up in a pan with a little butter, and a little salt and pepper....

And speaking of salt...
I am not the only one who likes a little salt.

Moonbeam tops off every meal with a little time at the salt lick.

It's amazing just how far that tongue can reach for a taste of salt!!



  1. I've never had a duck egg, and have wondered what the difference is in them--Maybe someday I'll get to find out for myself!

    PS: I love salt too! :-)

  2. I hear good things about duck eggs often. I would love to have a couple of ducks. Maybe someday, I will.

  3. i love duck eggs....Mmmmm!!! moonbeam looks like gene simmons!

  4. I miss my ducks! We had seven Khaki Campbell ducks who were good layers. We also had several people who requested duck eggs. They're excellent for baking too.

    Are the eggs always in the same place? My girls would change up where they laid all the time. Occasionally, I'd look everywhere for their eggs and didn't see any. They had buried them! Sneaky little girls!

  5. My girls bury them in the shavings inside the duck hut by the pond. And, occasionally they just lay one right on the banks of the pond.

  6. We also had ducks on the farm when I was a kid and yes their eggs are YUMMY ! Wonderful photos love Moonbeam licking the salt block ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  7. I never had a duck egg altho I guess I've had the opportunity more than once..I knew you'd find some little morsel to post today...Hugs..

  8. One goose egg equals 3 chicken eggs and will turn your white cake yellow. Our horse keeps taking his mineral block out of the tub.

  9. I had a pair of duck over thirty years ago. I loved the duck eggs for baking. My cakes were wonderful!! Wonder what my girls(hens) would think if I got another pair, hummm!

  10. Ive never tried duck eggs but I saw them in a health food store not long ago. Must try some.

    Wish I could have as much salt as I liked!

  11. Want to own ducks so bad but that can only happen once our current house sells and we buy a house in the country.. boy I can't wait! Ducks are in my future plans for sure! :)

  12. You have made my mouth water with the description of the eggs cooking,have seen them for sale at Whole Foods near us will give them a try.

    Lucky Moonbeam who does not have high blood pressure, like some of us.!!!

    Annie v.

  13. I have that daily battle of finding and taking eggs with my geese. They do get very insistent about keeping them!

  14. I would love to find a local farm that sold duck eggs. I have always wanted to try them.

  15. Never have I had a duck egg . . . It is probably all in my head . . . not sure if I could try . . . just being honest.

  16. I feed our 3 duck eggs back to our ducks and chickens every day. They actually fight over them when I break them on the ground. My mouth watered as I scrolled across the pictures of Moonbeam and his salt. It appears he and I have the same obsession. Love your stories.


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