Friday, May 10, 2013

A Little Barnyard Drama

Fred:  "HEY!!  Oh, whew, I finally got your attention."

"Look over appears that Smilin' Jill is in a little distress.  She's not smiling!"

Jill:  "Gaaaaack!  I've thwallowed my beard.  Help me, I'm choking!!

Jill:  "I've tried everything, and I jutht can't get thith hair out of my throat!"

Jill:  "Thith ith tho fruthtrating!  Help!!!"

Jill:  "Any thuggethchionthz?"

Me:  "Try a little tongue action, Jill." 

"Ahhhh, that's so much better!"

"Now for this itchy leg...
it's driving me crazy!!"

Me:  "You are such a drama queen, Jill.  Be careful...
you might get more hair stuck in your throat that way!"


This week marked the much anticipated return of the hummingbirds.
This little fellow has been hanging out at the feeder.
It appears he is all alone.
In a couple weeks, the rest will return to make nests and raise their brood,
before their Autumn return to the Caribbean.


This Sunday is Mother's Day.
I would like to join the critters in wishing you all the best for Mother's Day!

As for me...
my little buddy Tyler is coming for the weekend,
so Mother's Day is bound to be perfect!


  1. Happy Mother's Day and Grandmother's Day too . . .

  2. Ha ha ha...You have such a fun sense of humor. Happy Mother's Day!

  3. Silly Jill!

    Enjoy your visit from Little Man and Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Oh thanks for the giggle lol ! When it comes to the animals and the funny bits you and I think alike lol ! I am still waiting for our Hummers we had one show up last Sat evening and haven't seen him since . All other birds are back but the hummers . I have had their feeders ready for when they do return and are hungry ! Awesome post and photos ! Have a good day !

  5. i bet you will have a wonderful weekend! have a great mother's day. i had no idea that hummingbirds migrated! i planted a bunch of hummingbird vines and am hoping to see some this year.

  6. Baaahahaha, Fred and Jill are so funny! Or is it the photographer???

    Here's to a great Mother's Day! I will spending it with family, yeah!!!

  7. Poor Jill..Glad she has managed to resolve her problem..Happy Mothers/Grandmothers Day..Thanks for reminding me about the Hummers..Hugs

  8. Enjoy your Mother's Day! I would love to try Duck eggs some day!!
    xo Kris

  9. For goatness sakes. I'd say she's a drama queen. Lucky she has such a good human to help her out.

  10. Have a wonderful Mother's Day with your cute little grandson.


  11. This post was hysterical.. LOL!! Poor Jill... I hope you had a very blessed Mothers Day!


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