Friday, April 26, 2013

Talkin' Turkey With Guinea Gus

I hope we have given you a week of smiles!
Enjoy your weekend.
We have several projects to work on this weekend....
will share on Monday.
See you next week for more Tails From the Farm!


  1. Those turkeys always make me smile! They have such a majestic way of moving, as if they are on wheels! Poor Gus. No fun being an outcast.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Your blog always makes me smile ! Thanks . Weather here is warming up and lots of sunshine . Have a good weekend !

  3. The size of Tom and Chuck amazes me. They are huge!! Poor Gus, makes me wonder what he do to get shipped out?

    Have fun this weekend and get lots of projects done!!

  4. Might be time to get a black or silver camera, lol! Hope they didn't peck you.

    The turkeys gobble-gobble-gobble is so cute! Poor Gus, he acts like he's wondering why he looks so different and can't gobble-gobble like Tom & Chuck, lol!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love how those turkeys move in unison.."joined at the wing"..Gonna be a sad day when there is only one.. Have a great weekend..Gonna be a pretty one..Hugs

  6. Awesome! Turkeys are beautiful animals. They are saying "Mom! Don't touch our feathers! You will get them all out of place!". It is cute to see the barn kitties in the videos also, Ella is very pretty.

  7. turkey attack!!! what guinea law did gus break that got him booted?

  8. Your turkey's are beautiful. I find that the ones I've had in the past are super smart ! Yours seem really smart and friendly too ! They do get big so it's nice if they are friendly ! Thanks for sharing ! Todd

  9. What a nice treat after our drive to Maine! This made me smile!

  10. Snickers listened to Gus and the turkey gaggle too . . .
    She ran around the house wondering where the sounds were coming from. I hope your weather is as beautiful as ours! Enjoy . . .


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