Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Best Friends

Some stories don't need words....

And speaking of friends,
I received a lovely box in the mail full of miniatures from a blog friend.
(Thank you Annie V.!)

I added a few things to the fairy garden.

A new white birch bench....
(notice the tiny bird's nest on the left side of the back)

A broom and cauldron for the witch's tree house...

And a tiny koi pond...

There were all sorts of tiny clay pots and accessories that I also placed here and there.

It seems this fairy is home.... as she left her shoes outside the door of her house.

In the midst of the fairy garden is an even tinier mushroom garden,
complete with a micro-mini gnome standing beside his mushroom house.
This gnome is about a half inch tall!

As you can see,
I am having way too much fun these days.
I am so happy that Spring is finally here.
There is nothing more satisfying than hours spent in the garden
and outside with my animal friends!


  1. I am always in awe when I see how well your animals get along. The garden is adorable.

  2. Your farm is just amazing! Your animals speak volumes on what you have given them!!

  3. I loved the video I was smiling the entire time . Lovely fairy garden so cute ! Thanks for sharing and making me smile . Have a good day !

  4. What a cheerful entry! And very clever photography. Thank you.

  5. that video is wonderful. who would think a pig and cat could be such good friends! and the fairy garden? it is too wonderful. have any children seen it yet?

  6. Your animals are enjoying spring as much as you are - must be contagious.

  7. Nice additions to the FG..You're very lucky to be surrounded by paws and hooves...Have a good day

  8. Thanks for making me smile on this drizzly day in Massachusetts! Just love the video!

  9. What a happy little video! Loving the new additions to the fairy garden!!
    xo Kris

  10. This sure did brighten my day. Love that the animals are all best friends.

    Your garden is great. Like I said - I'm moving in!

  11. Love, love, love the video. Who would have thought that a pig, a cat & a dog would enjoy each others' company & spend a beautiful Spring day just hanging out together. Shows you that all things are possible & if the animals can treat one another with kindness & respect - why can't we all do the same. Another great story/lesson for a kids book.

    The fairy village looks like such fun and you did a beautiful job arranging the village. I like that you can see each tiny feature & appreciate the details of these works of art. Thank you for sharing your progress and growing passion for the fairies. It's always great to find another creative outlet.

  12. I have got to start a fairy village. You've inspired me. But where to get the house etc...


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