Friday, March 22, 2013

The Voice

The sun came out yesterday.
And though the wind was cold, there was some warmth to the sun's rays...
enough to melt the snow.

We have at least another week of January-like temperatures,
so gardening will have to wait.
I planted my sugar peas in small pots in the greenhouse, to get a jump start.

There is never a shortage of chores to be done, no matter what the weather.
Yesterday I worked on grooming the Littles.
Winter has taken a toll on their wooly coats.
We brushed and combed and clipped bridal paths and trimmed hooves.

These two are such good little boys.
They hold perfectly still while I fuss with them.
I always sing to them while I work on their hooves.

I can't tell if they hold still because they like it, 
or if they hold still hoping I will finish all the faster and stop the infernal singing!

With Ollie finished and back in the dry lot, I worked on Red.
Red has the most wonderful, long mane and forelock.

We primped and brushed...
(Both my boys are a little knock kneed and pigeon toed!)

Meanwhile Ollie was on the other side of the stall door trying to jump high 
enough to see his brother.
Poor boy...

he hates when Red is gone.

Red:  "Are we done? Can I have a treat? Are you finished singing?"
"Yes, yes and yes, Red."

After grooming, the dogs and I went to see Grace...

and Andy....

These two are already starting to grow horn buds.
Of the two, Grace is the outgoing one, and rushes right over to jump on my lap.
Andy, on the other hand keeps his distance.


I have been catching up on a bit of sewing these past few days.
Yesterday I finished this linen pinafore.

I love the feel and look of linen!

This one is embellished with antique buttons and trim.

It makes me feel all Jane-Austin-y and would be perfect for hostessing
a garden party, or tea, or even Easter Dinner.

It is for sale in my market place (see Markeplace under blog header)
...but if it doesn't sell, I won't be disappointed.
No, I will be wearing it around the farm this summer if it doesn't sell.
My next pinny will be soft pink linen.


  1. Grace & Andy...what cute names. If you're like me, they have to have a name...even if they eventually go to a new home. When our kids were little, we even named a ladybug who landed on one of the girls and to this day every ladybug we see is Rosie.

    Hope you have a wonderful, Spring-like weekend!

  2. I so enjoy a visit to your Haven . . . cute animal faces, happy, bouncy babies, and the "pinney" is absolutely beautiful! Please have someone take a picture of you wearing it . . . It would make my day!

  3. The littles are adorable! Hubby had minis when he was young and said they were mean. I think it was because they were surrounded by four young boys! I can't picture your littles being mean.

    And the goats, I just want to hug and love on them! Some day I'll have my own.... meanwhile, I'll enjoy yours!

    LOVE that pinafore! I can't wait to see it in soft pink... one of my favorite colors.

    Have a super day!

  4. What a beautiful apron! Lovely work.

  5. I love, love the pinny! It would be perfect for my sister. She is 5'10" and guess what? I am a whole 5'1"!! Do you see this picture? Yep, pinny would be dragging on the ground for me.

    Always cute farm pics and how cute are Grace and Andy. When are the next kids due. It is amazing how fast they grow.

    Keeping fingers crossed weather improves for gardening here! Have a great weekend, hugs!!

  6. There was a day when they wouldn't hold still...remember?? I think Red looks very dainty and prissy in that photo.. You named the goaties..Cute
    Can you believe ?..It's SNOWING!!!

  7. those guys are so cute. and being knock kneed and pigeon toed makes them look even cuter. the pinafore is gorgeous! i love linen too. oh boy..snow is on the way!

  8. I could spend hours with those ponies grooming them and yes I hum a tune or two when happily busy lol ! Oh that outfit is lovely wonderful work ! Oh the goats are just adorable . The weather here is still cold with the odd dusting of snow and sun shine here and there ! have a good day !

  9. You sew so beautifully. I love that the linen and lace-I am looking forward to seeing the pink linen pinny! Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Meghan

  10. Love that last pic of Red! It looks like he is posing!!

    Our snow has melted off, as well. And not a moment too soon - I'm getting weary of the cold and want to move on to milder days!

  11. My God, how beautiful, sweet, adorable. Beautiful blue eyes. The goats are growing fast.

  12. Luv, Luv, Luv your Pinnies...
    And be sure to give lil Gracie a hug from her 'auntie gracie'...

  13. Don't you just love sewing with linen? That is one gorgeous apron, I can't wait to see it on you but I don't think it will last long. Love the inset.


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