Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!

Here it is....

the first day of Spring on the farm!

Can you believe it?
I am actually having a very hard time believing it.

The garden remains covered by a blanket of snow.

Thankfully, inside the warm greenhouse,
seedlings are starting to emerge...

keeping my hopes alive and urging me to forge on as if warm weather is just ahead.

Actually, everywhere you go you can hear the sound of water running...

as it melts from the rooftops and rushes down the downspouts.
What will we do with all this water?
And to think we still have Spring rains to look forward to!

I think it will be muddy for a very long time.

No one is interested in venturing out of doors.
MaryAnn stays right inside the shelter of her stall looking out...

hoping it will melt soon.

These gals are not fond of snow.

Summer and mud puddles is what makes them happy.

Even the new baby goats have no interest in playing outside.

Instead they climb all over me and shower me with little goaty kisses.

(Which, by the way, are the absolute sweetest!)

There are so many projects that need to be started!
As soon as this snow is melted and the weather warms, 
I will be busier as a bee.

My scarecrow, Minerva May, is greatly in need of a makeover.
The new out house needs a couple coats of paint.
All of the chicken houses need to be repainted.
Then there is the garden (s)!!!

I will also be building a chicken tractor that we can move around an unfenced pasture.
I am planning on raising pastured Cornish game hens this year for meat.

I know, I have never successfully raised anything and then eaten it...
but I am committed to this project.
And Amanda's Tim has offered to do the butchering.
there you have it.
Spring is on hold, and I am just itching to get started!!


  1. We got 12 inches of snow yesterday. It sure doesn't look or feel like spring to me. I'm interested in seeing the chicken tractor when its all completed.

  2. I hope your snow melts soon, and you'll be able to work on all those projects! Our weather forecast says we may get snow Thursday night into Friday morning. :-( I so don't want that to happen...

  3. I can't believe you are going to butcher anything..Good luck with that..Somehow I can hear Amanda teasing you while you are cooking the freshly butchered hen..I don't want to eat anything I knew/know..You certainly have a long list of to do's.. Spring better get here fast..Enjoy the sunny day..

  4. Our Spring blew in this morning with high winds and rain. Can you say wet, wet, wet!!! I think we will both be waddling in the mud! I know our list of projects is long this time of the year but that is part of the excitement of the weather improving. Now just get Mother nature to cooperate. So for now I'm joining the piggies and staying snuggled in where it is warm. Happy Spring and on to gardening & flowers!! hugs!!

  5. Do your baby goats have names yet? The little tan and black one looks like my baby, Amaranth, black and tan sundgua... absolutely gorgeous!

  6. we were almost 80 degrees on this day last year. i just read that we are getting a snow storm for easter. teddy is like maryann. she just lays by the door looking out. and i have a killer cold which is awful. warm weather is inevitable but i am thinking we are in for a wet spring. i almost guarantee it because i am scheduled for roof work!

  7. Hi Beverly, today it snowed a lot in the morning. But thankfully stopped. I am counting the days to see the Sun, the flowers and the green grass brighten the Netherlands

  8. It's not very much like spring around here either. :-(

  9. Sounds like you have a lot going on . Lovely photos ! It looks like that here today for our first day of spring , it is cold with sunny periods , with the odd snow squall here and there but the snow melts on contact so that's a good thing ! I have some Hyacinths and Daffy's viable now just above ground the trees and bushes have buds on them and the birds are all singing and happy so even though the weather isn't cooperating everything else says it is Spring lol !

  10. Your finger still looks very sore.

    I wish we would get rid of all the snow and it would get warmer. We all want to be outside doing our spring work!

  11. I raise pastured cornish game hens for meat. You can do it! I just regard them from day 1 as a resource and an end result. They are pampered, fed the best stuff and respected.

    But I also call them "meat" when I come to the pen - such as "hey, meat - how you doin' today?"

    I find it's best to remember that the kind raised in captivity are very cruelly treated and my ladies are raised with tremendous care and slaughtered ethically.

    Still hard. But totally do-able!!

    Happy Spring to you and the animals!

  12. ladies who are a little squimmish about slaughtering anything, I grew up during WW2 and guess what we had to do? kill whatever was around, when you have nothing to eat believe me it all goes by the wayside.!!!!! so enjoy your guinea hens when they will be on your table and just give a prayer of thanks.

    Now if that blasted snow would stop....

    Annie v.

  13. I believe in butchering your own animlas. I have not done this, but I would. You raise them for that purpose. You are smart to start very tiny! HA HA. I like this idea! I would start tiny too. Happy Spring! We got much needed warm rain late last night and this morning.


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