Friday, February 15, 2013


Yesterday morning we awoke to a Valentine surprise.

Another little snowfall had blanketed the farm overnight.

Hubbs had taken the morning off to spend with his sweetheart,
so we took the dogs for a walk through the woods to enjoy the snow
before it melted.

They all took their time exploring the smells of the forest.

Something interesting caught their attention...

The view from our land...
greeting card perfect!

Everyone loves a new fallen snow...
especially the dogs.

Maddie wanted to show you her very best black bear impression...

And Sadie, as always, is just happy to feel the cold on her belly.

By late morning the snow had melted.

A cement truck arrived to pour the footers for the picnic pavilion,
and promptly got stuck in the mud/shale.

It finally took two of these huge tractors to pull the truck out of the woods!
The footers are poured and construction starts today./

Can you believe it's Friday again?
Have a wonderful weekend...
we are having an adventure this weekend....
will share on Monday.


  1. Love Maddie's Black Bear look! WOW, one might think so.
    Looking forward to watching your picnic shelter building project! Happy days to you . . .

  2. you live in heaven! it is so very beautiful! have a great weekend!

  3. What a lovely Valentine surprise! Never a dull moment on a farm, lol! Glad they were able to get the truck 'un-stuck'.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Lovely photos ! Have a good weekend !

  5. How pretty the dusting of snow is! You can sure tell the dogs are enjoying it. Wow, does Maddie look like a bear, she would scare me with that look! Then ever peaceful Sadie! Did you notice I have another doggie? Couldn't say no!

    Yikes, stuck big truck!! Hope today goes better for it TGIF!!!

  6. Enjoy your adventure..Tell Maddie that bears don't drool..(I think)... Cute pictures..Sadie is always photogenic...Glad you had a sweet Valentines day with your "sweetie"..

  7. Great photos! So pretty. Is it common for the snow to melt so quickly where you live??
    xo Kris

  8. Tell Maddie that she does the best bear impression that I have ever seen. Glad everyone was able to enjoy what, hopefully, is the last snow of the year. Out here in the Pacific NW all the Spring bulbs are up & today we actually have a sunny day. We are so deprived of sunlight that it makes you want to run around naked, shouting with joy and soaking up as much vitamin D as one can. I agree that time is moving faster & faster, so Fridays seem to arrive every other day.

  9. Looks like you had a lovely morning walk. All those pictures could be a postcard, Christmas cards too! I love Maddys look - ferocious!

  10. Oh my, Maddie really does look like a bear in that one picture. I honestly thought it was a bear, until I read. I hope she is safe from hunters. Oh my.

  11. Beautiful pics! I love your dogs. :) They're wonderful. (But i don't need to say that.. you already know it.)

  12. Love your big bear! Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. Seriously? it snowed and by mid day melted? Now I know I am living in the wrong State! lol!
    Hugz and have a wonderful Sunday.

  14. So many snow.....i can't enjoy this....buuuuuurrr


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