Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dear Nabisco... Please Send Ritz

Tuesday's snow has stuck with us...

thanks to a blast of arctic air with frigid whistling winds.

Our construction workers were unable to finish the pavilion,
due to a layer of snow/ice on the roof
(which, I am sure you will be relieved to know, has nails holding it onto the beams!).

They were, however, able to deliver our new composting outhouse.

This little privy will make summer farm work so much easier...
not having to return to the farmhouse for potty breaks.
It still needs a ventilation pipe installed and a paint job
(and of course a little touch of decor to finish it off!)

I cannot tell you how excited this addition has made me!
Woooohoooo!!!! An outdoor potty!

While feeding yesterday, I decided to stop and visit the pregnant does.

Missy:  "I'm really not in the mood for company today."

Missy:  "Oh, you have Ritz?  Well, do come in and sit a spell!"

Missy:  "Mmmmmm, mmmmmm....I love Ritz!"

Me:  "Slow down there, Missy.... one at a time!"

Myrtle:  "Hey... wanna see a trick?" 

"If I stick my tongue out really far, I can cover up Oakley!"

Me:  "Myrtle you sure are tricky!  Wanna Ritz?"

Myrtle:  "Yum, yum those Ritz!"

Nettie B.:  "Hey what about me?"

Me:  "Don't worry... there's plenty to go around."

Well, we are getting very close to kidding time here on the farm.
The ladies in waiting are huge, and should be ready to deliver in the next two weeks.
Then the real fun begins!


  1. Ritz crackers are delicious, know wonder they love them. I use the reduced calorie Ritz for a crumb topping for our fish. It will be fun to see what the sexes are of the new kids.

  2. Goats are so much fun! Thanks for sharing their love of Ritz with us.

    Awesome new potty, almost finished pavilion. Your farm will be rocking this spring. Looking forward to reading all about it.


  3. I can't wait until the new kids arrive. I think this would be a great time to visit the farm! Of course with a box of Ritz!!!!

  4. how does the outhouse work? i mean, i get what you do with it but what does it then do? that is the funniest tongue pic! how many ritz crackers do you go through in a week? the goats told me, not enough!

  5. Hey, that's a great trick! I usually throw Saltines to the chickens and sometimes the donkeys. I think they're cheaper than Ritz:-)

  6. It's pretty funny when we ask for things like privys...ha! But I totally get that after some of my camping trips! It will save you a lot of time and effort. Can't wait to see how you decorate it.

  7. I love your little outhouse with the perfect quarter moon! So cute! I am interested in seeing how you decorate it! Will it be decorated on the inside or outside? :)
    I cannot wait to meet the babies! Oh, how I wish I could come up for a visit and meet them in person! Stay warm, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  8. Oh my, it does look cold out there! Love the goats. Can't wait to see the babies.
    Love that privy! Stay warm!
    xo Kris

  9. I have to admit to not knowing anything about goats, and so I had no idea that I had something in common with them--I love Ritz crackers too, except I like mine with peanut butter! :-)

    PS: I am jealous of your snow!

  10. Ah a Johnny on the spot we call them lol ! Very good , I always hated to have to go all the way back to the house for a potty break when on the farm and your way out in the fields lol well for guys it is easier lol . Hey Racoons like Ritz crackers to zesty cheese ones at least the one around here does, last summer I had forgotten to take the box in from the patio that I had and I caught him in it and he took off with the entire box lol ! The next day I found it empty in the hedge ! It is cold but sunny here today .Have a good day !

  11. Thanks for the laugh via Myrtle and Oakley...Love your PP..I'm sure you will have fun decorating it..Yup..A ventilation pipe could come in handy..
    I'm glad there's no picnic planned in the near future..BRRR

  12. Such fun to have a visit with you . . . and all!


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