Friday, February 1, 2013

A Little Wind, A Little Challenge, A Big Thank-You!

Happy February 1st, y'all!

I have to tell you,
you truly got my creative juices flowing yesterday...
so many great ideas!
Thanks a bunch.
If anything else percolates to the surface, please share with me...
I am always searching for ideas.

We have been on a roller coaster ride of weather this week.
From snow to temps in the 50's (snow melted),
then fierce winds, rain, more wind, cold, more snow squalls ....
all in the span of three days time!

Yesterday, the colder temperatures and high winds seemed to have the horses all stirred up.
I usually keep them out of the front pasture when it is so wet,
but I felt sorry for them and let them out for a good run!

(Who is that woman who keeps yelling at Sam?)
As you can see in the video,
they had a blast.
And so did "Bad Sammy".

Please understand, they are quite used to Sammy running with them.
It doesn't seem to bother the horses at all.
In fact, the "Littles" often taunt Sammy until he gives chase.
And don't worry about Sam, he is quite nimble and always avoids their feet.

So... I must share something with you.
Something I have learned out of necessity.
There are times when we peer out of our windows and look at the world
with its wild weather, cold temperatures, high winds, etc.
and make the decision to stay indoors.
(Some of us don't have this option, however.)

I challenge you this:
Next time you look outdoors and think you would rather just stay inside,
get out your "bad weather" clothes; pull on your hat and your boots,
and go for a walk out in it.
Feel the rush of the cold wind in your lungs.
Feel the rain or sleet or snow on your face.
For those moments, when you would otherwise be indoors in your easy chair,
you will feel completely alive and a part of nature.
It's exhilarating!!
You won't be sorry... I promise!

PS:  Here are yesterday's projects from the sewing room....

Another large zippered, quilted tote bag

And a quilted, lined, zippered pouch for an I-pad
 or Kindle (for the cat lover)

Have a wonderful weekend.
And get up close and personal with a little nature, ok?
See you Monday for more Tales from the Farm....and a drawing, too!!

PS....I am placing items that are for sale in The MarketPlace...
see the link beneath my blog header.


  1. Happy you received some 'e' book ideas . . . love photo number one!

  2. Everyone seemed to be having fun tearing around the pasture. My Sam's ears perked up when he heard you calling his name. Too cute. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. wow..what a lively group! poor sammy...they yelling didn't seem to bother him too much!

  4. Don't you just love watching the animals run with reckless abandon? It's just pure joy.

  5. I'll take your challenge - thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Just a little funny note. My "little dog" (who is actually in the form of cat) came running into the room when he heard you calling for Sam. He is so like that. And yes, I am sure they all love running around together! I loved the story of the elephant Tarra and dog Bella who were best friends .. just because she was bigger, she was still acutely aware of her body placement to not hurt her small friend! Keep warm!

  7. Sometime I'll have to take a video of Mollie listening to your videos that have roosters and your voice on them..You..yelling at Sam ..she was adorable...I don't mind the elements except for the wind..My face was frozen today...

  8. they sure had a party out there! So adorable! I'd hate to have to pick their feet after all that mud though.

    i love your challenge. I live in SoCal and although our temps only go down to the 30s there are mornings i'd much rather stay in bed. But when the alarm goes off at 5am, i put my running shoes on and get out there in the brisk air. I'm never sorry afterwards. its such a great way to get up and get my body moving.

  9. Sounds like a good idea! :) I'll definitely go out in the storm next time. Here, it won't be extreme cold or ice or snow. But it might be high wind, damp chill, (the kind that seeps through layers,) and sideways rain. lol. Sure, why not? Then i can say i did!

  10. Just one question... who get's the honors of hoseing down muddy hooves & paws? Hmmm? lol!

  11. Your horses are beautiful. I love horses. There is just something so majestic and peaceful about them and their eyes speak a million words. I LOVE the horse with the white mare? He or she is GORGEOUS!..I agree about walking in the cold. I do it sometimes just to be at peace..


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