Friday, January 11, 2013

Where Did This Week Go?

Thanks so much for chiming in yesterday and offering advice 
on our little "situation".
I must tell you that the plan is this:
get photos of the truck and the license plate,
get in touch with the State Troopers.

Sadly, we don't have local police here due to a lack of funds.  
So in case of emergency, the State Police respond.
Also...we do have "No trespassing" signs along the road,
as well as "duck crossing" signs and a "video surveillance" sign.
Hanging a game camera alongside the road was a great suggestion...
(and we actually have one of those.)

Yesterday morning brought a stellar sunrise...
the clouds looking as though they were on fire!

Since it was "trash day", I drove the gator to the end of the barn driveway
under the guise of picking up the trash cans and also 
taking sunrise photos.
Here I patiently waited for the "perp" to make his daily drive-by.
Under cover of the gator and trash cans I planned to photograph
his vehicle and him as well.

As luck would have it...
no drive by.

I will keep vigilant over the coming days, camera ready,
in hopes of achieving my goals.
I will keep you posted.

The rest of my day was splendid.
Temperatures are rising this week, making outdoor work quite pleasant.

I took the opportunity to catch up on hoof trimming,
grooming and bridle path clipping.

If you look closely at Moonbeam, you will see that he is sporting a sort of mohawk
where his bridle path should be.

(The bridle path is the area right behind their ears known as the poll....
that portion of mane is shaved so that the headpiece of the bridle or halter
can comfortably rest there assuring a secure fit.)

For some reason, over the past 5 years, Moonbeam's bridle path
has gotten larger and larger.
(Who's been clipping this horse?)
So, at the end of summer, I decided it was time to let it grow back and 
shrink the size of his clipped area.

Thus.... a mohawk.... temporarily, I assure you!

Look who came to the barn to visit the donkeys....

This is the first time that Tom and Chuck have come the whole way
through the barn and out the back door to the donkeys.
Daphne and Chloe were quite curious about these strangers.

It's Friday.... where this week went, I have no idea!
Have a great weekend.
We are having a visit from Tyler this weekend!
We'll be back on Monday with more Tails from the Farm.


  1. I just love those turkeys! The bachelors!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Game camera, excellent suggestion!

    Enjoy Your Tyler this weekend . . .

  3. Where did this week go is right! Half of January is nearly over!! Time just slips right through our fingers....your turkeys are GORGEOUS!!!! Have a lovely weekend. : -)

  4. Good to hear you have a you will feel better. Plans do
    Have a great eekend with Tyler. We have one of our girls coming out for a visit. Teen talk is such fun.
    Rianing here..hard..ugh...mud!!!
    Have a Great Weekend!

  5. Keep the vigilant up for if they are up to no good, they will be back.

    But I sure would concentrate on that beautiful sunrise and the visit from Mr Tyler!!

    Have fun for you think the week went fast, hang onto your hat for the speed of the weekend! Have fun, Hugs!!

  6. Love the Mohawk !! One needs to stay within the lines :)..Beautiful sunrise..Good perp plan..Enjoy this (to be) beautiful weekend...

  7. Have a great weekend. I really hope things go smooth when you put your detective gear on. Make sure you have a gun too. :)

  8. Gorgeous photos...guess one must get up early to get those nice ones!

    Love the little Mohawk!

  9. Bev, Please be careful when you are taking thier picture. I would not want anything to happen to you. A game camera would be pefect! I really hope you catch them. What a terribe thing for somebody to think they have the right to kill some one else's pet! Good luck!

    Have a pleasant weekend. Working on another quilt?


  10. I missed this yesterday so it may have already been suggested. Husband says you should up set up several decoy surveillance cameras, in areas where they WILL be seen. Of course, you need real ones too. I don't blame you for being wary. I would not confront this person, anyone who shoots innocent ducks has a big problem.


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