Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Two Bucks and Change

Our snow is almost gone,
thanks to a warm front that passed through here.

Except, of course, for our little Siberia...

I have to admit that I don't miss the snow.
The mud, however, that remains in its place is definitely unwelcome.

I thought today we should visit the buck pen.
This is where our two fainting goat bucks, Fred and Chip, and their companion, Donald, 
(who used to be a buck...hence: "change")
spend their time when it's not mating season.

Things in the buck pen are relatively quiet when it's not mating season.
Feeding time is the highlight of the day...
especially for Fred....

As soon as I walked out of the pen, Chip came out for his supper!


As I passed the rest of the fainting goats,
I noticed Dot snacking on what remains of our Christmas tree.

Yum...snack favorite, second only to Ritz crackers.

My next stop was the Nigerian Dwarf goats.
While feeding them, I noticed a surprise in one of their houses....

Are my goats laying eggs?

Apparently one of the chickens has decided that a goat house makes the perfect nesting box.

Collecting eggs has become somewhat of an egg hunt!


  1. Silly chicken!

    I just love that shot of the corner of the pasture with the mist behind it and the two trees! Mysterious and beautiful!

    And Dot... she's adorable!

  2. Goofy girl! Ewwww...turpentine...a favorite!

  3. Gorgeous photos of the farm. How odd that you have your own little Siberia. I go on an egg hunt nearly every day. Once I think I've got it all figured out, someone changes it up a little. I found 13 eggs the other night in a location that hasn't been used in a long time. Silly hens.

  4. Looks so nice and peaceful. I just finally gave my goats Ritz crackers for Christmas, and they pretty much attacked me!

  5. Hi Bev. I always love to see your animals. After a very rough year of battling to get my health back, I have some happy farm news. We were blessed with 3 pygmy goats. We love them so much. They provide hours of entertainment and love. They are part of my daily "therapy". They blend in perfectly with our bunny, and chickens. All is well in Blackberry Forest Barnyard!

  6. That is great news Jill. I think of you often...wondering how you are doing. Animals have such a healing energy about them, I believe. Enjoy your pygmies!!

  7. I think that was Fred eating?? His nose looks like a rabbits when he nibbles..Mollie enjoyed hearing your voice especially as it was talking about "supper"..Those silly chickens will lay their eggs anywhere..

  8. Ooohh I just found you and loved my visit here! Love the video's and your photos. For those of us who get to live our dreams in real life, we are so blessed.

    I just posted about the cold we are having and feel bad about complaining... Your "Siberia" looks beautiful but freezing. Stay warm and thanks again. I am now following.

    Have a great day!

  9. Oh to not have snow... It does hinder my going out to play (in my camp trailers)...

  10. Bev, so much to enjoy at your wonderful place! I love the pic with the mist off in the distance. Your animals are such loves...and you speak to them just like they are real people (or your real babies...LOL!) See you tomorrow here on your blog.


  11. That's a pretty clever chicken you have there. The little house was empty at the time, so she decided to make excellent use of it. lol. I love Dot. :) She has discerning taste in snackie time!!


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