Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Winter Pregnancy Blues

Everyone always says that it's difficult to be pregnant during the summer.
While the hot weather may make pregnancy uncomfortable,
the time passes more quickly, however...
as there is so much more to do in the summertime.

Winter pregnancies are long and tedious.

The cold, gray days all seem the same...
punctuated by the occasional bout of bad weather that keeps everyone indoors.

And just imagine....
three pregnant women alone together in a 12 x 12 space....
all those hormones, emotions, cravings in one small room.

Why, it's enough to drive even the most mellow goat crazy!!

Thank goodness the does have Becky's horses to drop in for an occasional chat
over the fence!

Hang in there, girls....
March will be here quicker than you think!

And then the fun really begins!!


Who can resist??


  1. Spring will be here before we know it although it certainly doesn't feel like it here in the Northeast. We are below zero this morning. Good luck to all the does this winter.

  2. Such a difficult time...not withstanding being prego..ugh! I hate this time of year, give me light!!! Poor girls...soon I pray!

  3. -10 today here windy and snowy ! Lovely photos , I some times feel like they do in the winter and I am long past preggers lol ! Looking forward to the new kiddos ! Have a good day !

  4. Oh how I love the goats!!!
    Life can be hard on the farm! I hope the guineas find a safe place to roost!!
    xo Kris

  5. What a great reminder of what's coming so soon!

  6. I don't know about them, but I can't wait...I would just have to venture out if I were them!!

  7. Love this post beverly!! Think spring keeps us going thru the minus 8 degree mornings!!
    Rain :)

  8. Your goats are love bugs! Spring I wish! WE are balmy here at 28 degrees in the morning and 51 degrees in the afternoon compared to you. I don't think I would be a good snow bunny...perhaps for a week. Have a good weekend!


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