Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Yesterday, while cleaning pastures,
I caught Chloe and Daphne at play with their "cone".
Notice Chloe... obviously sharing is not her strength!

And for those of you wondering how Ellie May is doing...
(you might remember that Ellie May came down with the "vapors"...
necessitating a bit of convalescent time in the barn.)

After almost two weeks, she returned yesterday to her friends
in the henhouse.... the picture of health.

The hens were all a twitter as Ellie May went into great detail about her
short, but torrid love affair with Elton...

She also spared no details in describing how she was courted by not one,
but two roosters while she stayed in the barn.

I also overheard her trying to find another hen to accompany her 
on a visit back to the barn to see "the boys".
Oh Ellie May... you'd best be careful...
or you might tarnish your reputation!


  1. i heard that ellie may is a bit of a tart.

  2. HA! Did I see Chloe nip Daphne in the behind there at the end of the video? HA!

  3. Cute post this morning! Love the little video and the music selection. I think someone got sweet revenge at the "end"!

    Oh Ellie May!!! But glad to see you a picture of health.

    Fun, fun, fun on the farm, hugs!!

  4. Ellie May is getting a little slutty..Too much (or not enough) of a good thing..!! Cute post..I remember when Daphne and Chloe were introduced to "the cone". Now it has become something to covet!! Too funny.

  5. Love the barnyard news and gossip.

    Chloe and the cone.......laugh out loud funny. I needed a good laugh today.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  6. Oh Ellie May! Glad she's back with the gang. Sometimes we gals just need a little time out from the rest!

  7. Just loved the video soo cute ! Glad to hear and see Ellie May is back in the scratch of things . Have a good day !

  8. What a harlot you are, Ellie Mae! lol. (Of course i mean that in the nicest, most fun way possible.) Glad she's better. I love all these pics. They're wonderful


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