Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Dot, singing in her very best á cappella goaty voice:

"Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match;
find me a find;
catch me a catch."

Yes, Dot has come of age.
It's time to find a suitable fellow for future mating seasons.
Dr. Becky (our matchmaker) has been searching for just the right beau
for our sweet little Dot.

Our present bucks cannot mate with Dot, as they are all relatives.
So, we are searching outside the farm for a colorful young man with good manners,
good breeding and dashing good looks!

This little fellow is in the running....
(he comes from a farm in Virginia...one we have purchased a buck from in the past)

Isn't he handsome?

Dr. Becky will be interviewing prospective suitors over the next few weeks.
We will let you know who she choses for Dot as soon as we know.

Early yesterday morning, we had yet another snowfall.
As usual, when bad weather happens, our fainting goats stay in their houses.

Mothers and daughters often bunk together.

In the buck pen there are 5 houses, and three goats.

Yesterday morning all 3 boys were in one house together.
Sadly, I did not have my camera.
But later that day, Fred and Donald remained in a single house, 

while Chip was alone in another. 

Now, imagine how tight that house was with all three!!


  1. Cute little goats although the last one looks like a very large "Three Billy Goats Gruff " type with those huge horns . . . I might be frightened with him stamping across the grounds, or (the bridge) to visit me . . .

    Hope there are happy mating days soon . . .

  2. I would think that just getting three sets of those horns in one house would take some doing...Hope Dot finds a suitable "friend"..

  3. They are all soo cute ! Whilst you got snow we are in a rain storm thunder and all ! Weather has been really weird this winter ! Have a good day !

  4. Conserving warmth and sharing body heat is a good thing!

  5. Oh, they are ALL so special! I love the darling little prospect for Dot-he is ADORABLE! Why, oh why can't I have a couple of goats??? Darnedable HOA's! HeeHee!

  6. I would say he is a dandy, and the perfect mail order husband for Dot. You have a lovely goat family. My gals sleep inside the barn during bad weather, except for one girt who has taken a liking to sleeping neath my husbands old truck:no matter what the weather.

  7. what funny goats! i can't wait to see babies!

  8. Oh how I would love to have a goat, or two! So you must keep them separated, as they approach mating season? Or always?
    Good luck with finding Dot a suitable mate!!!
    xo Kris

  9. I just love goats! Here's a goat link for you to ck out, thy are very respected in the business. Http://foxspridedairygoats.com/

  10. These pics just made my evening! And i'll bet Dot is a fabulous singer. Of course, she deserves the perfect mate because she is perfection herself. Gorgeous eyes!

  11. Your goats are so beautiful and so sweet! Those blue eyes just kill me! Came home and found my chicken heat lamp (bulb) half out of it's canister/shade thing...oh my gosh! Everyone could have had an accident out in the chicken coop! I pulled that baby out and it was just about rotted from the ice problems we have had. Scared me to death! One night without warmth for my chickens...hubs going to get a new one tomorrow morning.


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