Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Rainy Day Giveaway

Believe it or not,
I just wrote a rather boring post about the foggy weather.

And the rain.

And the fact that we all are staying indoors as much as possible.

I deleted the post.

It was just that kind of post.
Not worthy of reading.

Bland.... like the fog.

So, instead.
I will just get right to the point.

I am having a giveaway.


I am offering up this little, (quite roomy, actually) quilted, chicken tote bag 
that I created (without pattern) yesterday.

Here's the deal...
leave me a comment and give me an idea for an e-book.
I have a hankering to write a little book about the farm....
but I need a really good idea.
Something that you would enjoy reading about...
something that a lot of people might enjoy reading.

Best idea wins.... lots of good ideas and your names go into the purse to be "pulled"...
(not by a goat this time!)
Simple as that.
You have until Monday (Feb. 4th) at noon.

Now, get your thoughts cookin' and get back to me!!


  1. How exciting and generous of you. I think a book about how all your animals are so kind to each other and to you.(We won't mention the turkey incident the other day) I never get tired of reading or viewing the different species hanging out with each other. Wish me luck!

  2. What about a children's book about life on your farm - something from an animal's point of view?

  3. Hi Bev.
    I think a children's book about the farm. Something like
    "Adventures with Tyler on the Farm". Lots of little people would LOVE it!

    Great bag, by the way. Will you have some for sale, too?That fabric is great!!
    Lisa in Maine

  4. I love your "tails from the farm"····So I would write an ebook about a mystery New tail that moved in and all the animals are trying to figure out what he/she is. Or something along those lines! What fun! ~Kim

  5. Oh, by the way....I featured your quilt today on my blog!!!! Love it!

  6. I think an e book, children's story. Feature the animals and let a couple of your animal names be the name of your book. (I can't remember the names you have for your animals, so as an example I will suggest, names like.)

    Bertha and Aletha

    And then tell their story, plus and minus, good and not so good, how they friend one another.
    I would start with the pigs . . . and photos of their noses, and go from there.

    Exciting . . . as if I haven't suggested THIS before . . .
    What fun!

  7. Bev you write so beautifully. I so enjoyed your post on 1/18/2013 titled "Today" and reread it often. What about an ebook that talks to us about what nature, animals, and farm life can do to help live our lives to the fullest? As another option a story based on the adventures of Tyler and the two Toms?


  8. Bev you write so beautifully. I so enjoyed your post on 1/18/2013 titled "Today" and reread it often. What about an ebook that talks to us about what nature, animals, and farm life can do to help live our lives to the fullest? As another option a story based on the adventures of Tyler and the two Toms?


  9. I would love to see your organization of the farm and the tools of the trade and you inspire me as a woman doing the chores. But would love to see more of your home also....:)

  10. i think a children's book from the piggies view of the farm would be great! maybe eventually you could write a series of books from each of the animals perspectives! i would love to here what the turkeys have to say!

  11. The.cutest.bag.ever!! I LOVE IT! Since it is a chicken bag, I think an e-book on chickens would be great. How to get started, things you learned along the way, how do your chickens and dogs get along so well... I know I would be really interested in that.

  12. A book written from the animals perspective on their life and adventures on your farm with lots of Tyler thrown in because he's so cute! Terri C

  13. I believe Sammy's life experiences on the farm would be a best seller. He seems to have an adventurous spirit and could tell some tales (no pun intended). I can see a little mystery, along with many heart warming stories. Another thought I had was a story from Samson's perspective. Now that would be interesting considering his beauty and age. Anyhow you have a wonderful blog that I really enjoy reading.

  14. LOVE the bag! A children's book about your wonderful animals would be something I'd personally love to see. I know my little grand daughter would love to have me read it to her, too :)

  15. Lots of suggestions for writing from an animal'a point of view. How about from the land's point of view (or the oldest tree's) including a historical perspective of how the farm has changed and grown to share its bounty through the years with special people and animals. Ann Kearney

  16. Been enjoying your blog for a few months now and everytime you tell about each of your animals I start singing Old McDonald had a Farm. LOL
    So I would suggest writing a children's story in rhymn to that song.
    You are so creative I know you could get your own twist in their.

    Here a pig, there a pig....
    What ever you enjoy yourself.

    And thanks for the giveaway...would love to own that bag.


  17. I'm thinking a story about Sammy and Oakley's adventures in the woods would be entertaining for children, maybe from Tyler's POV.

  18. Hi, Bev, love the cute purse! You are so creative. What about a book from an animal's point of view...or each animal on the farm. How they like it there...etc.

  19. Not very many people know how to run a farm anymore. Even just homesteading, gardening for food had fallen to the wayside. With the economy the way it is, it is a perfect time for others to learn how to be more self sufficient. And to be honest, even though I have trained a chow-shepherd mix to be militantly obedient, I have never been able to get him to learn how to be more social with other dogs, let alone other species. I would love to know how you do that!

  20. A story about one of the turkeys being in love with one of the chicken hens and they have to hide their love because he's a turkey and she's a chicken :D


    p.s. Great giveaway!

  21. Miss Bev and Her Happy Tails. Each chapter could be about a different batch of critters, stories of how you found them, their antics and maybe basic details about them.

    Love that bag. Do you EVER sleep????
    Marcy Antle

  22. Bev,

    I love your stories and your pictures!
    Darling bag!
    How about Be(e) Bev on the Farm. Stories about your
    daily chores, about caring for your animals and growing and harvesting food.
    Thank you for sharing your life with us!

    Debbie Garcia

  23. It's adorable..I love it..I know all about bland posts but I publish most of mine or save them until I'm really stuck then publish them anyway..Sounds like you have some pretty good ideas already..Good luck..
    Are you going to make more bags ? To sell??

  24. Wow that's pretty - you are so good! I love other's ideas about a children's book. But selfishly I'd like to see an e-book about gardening. Maybe just raised bed - how to make it, what to fill it with (if you have Georgia clay which doesn't grow much at all LOL), your fav plants and seeds, how to keep them growing until they produce, and then what you do with the produce. Start to finish.

  25. Heather says: how about an e-book on the benefits of farms fresh eggs versus store bought ones that are full of dangerous antibiotics. Also the benefits of farm fresh milk and cheese versus store bought. Also farm beef and pork and vegis the list just goes on and on and it would be nice to see an American farm handbook like this. Hope you will consider my idea as this is something i would like to read as the food we are eating is making us sick.

    hg temp addy at hot mail dot com

  26. Dang-it! Karen stole my idea! lol!
    "If Farm Animals Could Talk, Gossip & Sing"... was sort of my idea...
    If my name gets pulled...please send the purse to junktiquing & Glamping sister in crime! lol!

  27. Oooh! A chicken bag giveaway!!

    How about an American fairy tale, about the farm? Perhaps your lone duck is secretly a person, enchanted, who has wandered until she found just the right flock...or something about fairies in the garden? I somehow envision a sophisticated tale, appealing both to children and adults, with lots of wonderful pictures :-)

  28. I did not read the other comments and my first thought was about a child...but I changed my mind...I want to read a love story between you and your husband and how the farm became what it is today and how you decided to do all of grow your own vegetables, to can your did that all happen? Your did you decide to raise goats and chickens and all the rest of your beloved pets?? I read alot and I just love the notion of an all Americana farm/love/family story. And you cannot leave out the negatives of farm life/love life/pet life/family life. It is what it is: LIFE! Good times and bad. I am looking forward to whatever you decide to do! But as the saying goes, write WHAT YOU KNOW...and in the back of the book...add some of your favorite canning recipes.

  29. By the way...your picture of the fog and snow with the roosters is my background picture for my is stunning! (I think they are roosters? Or one and a hen) Have a wondeful weekend!

  30. I would love to read a book that includes a history of your farm, info about how you designed and built what you currently have, recipes for all the good food you makes, info on all your homemade items (i.e. chapstick), etc. I love reading these types of books and they inspire me to continue working on my own hobby farm.

    I also LOVE your dog Maddie and the relationships she has built with the other animals on the farm. I think this would be a great thing to write about!!

  31. HI! I would love to read about self sustaining ideas you have. You seem to do so much on your farm that would benefit others if they knew how to do them. Canning, Veggie gardens, etc. Love the bag!!

  32. A memoir, with the story of your life interspersed with recipes, crafts, homekeeping and farmkeeping tidbits, which show the paradox of the complex dynamics of families and animals, each alone and to one another, and the joy in the simplest and most humbling of things such as a sunrise or a child. (Of course, your totally adorable Tyler!)

  33. Love the idea of a children's cookbook/storybook ~ about making healthy treats for your farm animals, who tell the story & maybe the book is narrated by Bobby, Moll or Leo!

    Cute bag too!

  34. Love your Blog and everything to do with the way you run your farm and life and all the animals..I would think something about goat babies would be interesting .From birth on....they are so sweet ,love the faces...Thank you for sharing with all of us ---it is such a treat.....Michele

  35. How about two beautiful piggy detectives solving mysteries around the farm.

  36. I think a great ebook might be all the changes of the seasons through the eyes of the different animals. I would use Sammy as the narrator and it could be used to educate the vast majority of children who have never visited a farm and have no idea what work there is to be done as well as fun things to celebrate & do. You could also do a story about what the pre-schoolers see/learn when they come for a tour in the Fall. I really feel that kids are so deprived of contact with any farmlife & nature. They would love to learn how goats milk can be made into soap, how the bee's wax is harveste and made into lip balm, how you can make jam from the berries you pick and how Mother animals take care of the babies in the springtime.
    There are ideas everywhere you look at Bee Haven Acres.
    Can't believe you whipped up that cute purse sans pattern no less!

  37. What a wonderful idea! I'm fairly new to this blog, but LOVE it and have passed it along to several of my friends who love it.

    I see many wonderful ideas listed above. Mine is this: How about a book that takes each season at Bee Haven and writes about tasks, food, chores, animal stories, fun stuff and not so fun stuff. It could be called: Bee Haven Farm in Four Seasons or Four Seasons on the Farm. You get the picture. I LOVE all things chickens and roosters. I have a collection of roosters and chickens so of course I hope I get chosen for the wonderful tote. Luv, MaryO

  38. Oh gosh, this is a tough one because you have so many fun animal stories to tell. My first thought is a story about the pigs , but with Tyler growing up around all the critters, perhaps a story from his point of view as he meets and greets all the different species while the turkey boys follow him around the farm.

  39. I think a book about how you care for the earth and all that's in it, including recipes, craft ideas, and highlights from your blogs would be great!


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