Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Day Off

Yesterday was my "day off" from farm chores.
Wednesdays are my day to run errands, drive to the city to see "Mom",
and just generally accomplish all that I don't have time for on a regular day.

I can do this with complete peace of mind thanks to our neighbors and dear friends,
Jim and Kathy...

I can't tell you how great it is to have neighbors who love our animals as much as we do...
and take care of them exactly how we like!
(Thanks are so appreciated!)

Yesterday I headed to the city to take my Mom to our favorite yarn shop.
I have started knitting, as it is something that I can do in the evenings
when sitting with Hubbs.
(By now you have probably guessed that I have an innate inability to sit still.)

I thought I would knit washcloths to be given as gifts with homemade soap and lip balm
or lotion made from our beeswax.
This is my first... trimmed with a bit of crochet.

My Mom knit this.... a shoulder cozy.

Cute, huh?  It gives me just a little more warmth on these cold days.

After returning home, I took the dogs for a walk out to the barn to visit with the animals.
It is nearly impossible for me to go even one day without visiting my dear friends.
I miss them when I don't see them!

I wish the next picture better illustrated the "nest" that the pigs built in their corner.
For warmth, they constructed a hay nest with walls that are about 18 inches high.

I can just imagine them snuggled in together under their heat lamp

on these bitter cold nights.

I stopped to visit with the horses and donkeys.
How about Ollie's winter coat!

I think he's plenty warm with that on.
(Oh, and guess who will have to shave that off come Spring!)

The goats also have lush coats this winter.
Here's Smoochie showing off his coat and his smile!

Our fainting goats all develop big underbites as they age...
giving them the appearance of always smiling.

Naturally, Dot gets up close and personal...
a bit of a camera hog.

And then there are Ginger and MaryAnn....
who really, truly smile when they are happy.
And with me snuggling with her...

MaryAnn is truly happy!

Thanks for all of your suggestions about Ole Roy.
I was starting to think that perhaps he did have Mareks disease,
until he made an amazing recovery yesterday.

He was much perkier, and even resorted to chasing the guineas away.
Hopefully this turn of events is permanent!

The cold continues, with temperatures in the single digits.
Hopefully this cold spell will soon be over,
so I can stop worrying about the animals!


  1. Happy to know you take a day off . . . love the cozy . . . great to have good neighbors who are on stand by when we need them!

    Spare time . . . start putting your first 'E' book together . . .

  2. I'm with you Bev, I don't sleep well when it's cold knowing the animals are outside "suffering" in it. But then I go out in the early morning hours and they're all just fine and wanting more hay! Christina

  3. Glad to see and hear all is well on the farm ! Wonderful photos . Ole Roy just may be feeling the winter blahs . Glad to hear he is feeling better today !That great that you have such great neighbors to look out for your crew when you need them to and they love the animals as well I would love to be your neighbor lol!
    Stay cozy and have a good day !

  4. I love your shoulder cozy, great job MOM!

    I think it would be hard not to visit all the tails if I was home. Now if I'm on a warm sunny beach that's a different story. I'm sure Jim & Kathy know they are appreciated. For some reason I think you also treat them very special.

    I'm like you am ready for the cold snap to be over. Keep on a knitting I love the little gift packages you are creating! Hugs!!

  5. We're having a heat wave..25 @ 10AM...We had a little dusting of snow last night..How 'bout you??

  6. You are a worker Bev...if not taking care of all of your animals you are sewing, baking and now knitting and crocheting. And you don't even mention house cleaning and all that goes with a home. Keep warm!

  7. Yay! Glad to hear Ol Roy is feeling better!
    Heather in PA

  8. Love the cozy! Beautiful colors! I'm so happy to hear that Roy is feeling better! He is such a pretty roo!

  9. Hi Beverly,
    I love the shoulder cozy your mom made.. What a beautiful job, and your washcloths you knitted are lovely. Someone is going to be a lucky bee with the homemade soaps, lip balm and washcloths.
    Oh and I LOVE Smoochie! He is great.. You sure are a worker.
    Nice to see you had a day to yourself.

  10. OMG! You just started knitting? I am so jealous. I just learned this past weekend. My "practice thing" does not look anything like that! HA HA! What size needles do you use? I think I am going to change needles. Glad to hear Ole Roy is doing much better!


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