Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you look closely at all of our fainting goats...

you will notice that they all have bald patches....

or calluses on their knees.

This is something that is unique to them.
None of our other animals have this.

If you research calluses on goat knees on the internet,
you will come up with lots of scary articles about disease, foundering, etc.

Because our goats are in perfect health and extremely well cared-for,
I know that what I read must not always be the case!

In fact, if you watch our goats,
you will notice that they always lie with their front legs beneath them.

When they rise from a lying position,
they raise their hind ends first and climb up by way of their knees.
From this knee position, they make their way up to a full standing position.
(All of our other animals rise up from front to back instead.)

Hence.... callused knees...
maybe a "baaaaaaaad" case of "kneesles",
 but nothing to worry about.

Although it is a good source of plentiful information,
you cannot always rely on what you read on the internet!


  1. LoL cute Kneesles ! Yes I was a ware of the rub off of hair and why as my uncles fainting goats had it as well. Thanks for sharing though great info for some one that doesn't know and maybe wondering ! Love your photos ! Have a good day !

  2. I've already learned something today! So it is going to be a good day! Of course cute pictures also.

    Here's to another great day, HUGS!!

  3. I love how they tuck their feet beneath them-like a kitty. The photo of the last pretty goat was especially cute-she looks like she is smiling! Hugs, Meghan

  4. Mine do exactly the same thing, they kneel when eating sometimes, always get up from a lying position on their knees before standing, I think most goats do and callused knees are super common, so you are right to say you cannot always rely on what you read online... it's so normal and 99.99% of the time not some horrible disease! lol.

  5. Our boer goats also have kneesies...They often kneel to graze...Maybe to get closer to the grass or just a change of pace...

  6. I have to say, I sometimes want to scream at some of the complete misinformation I see posted on the Internet. My goats all have those wonderful kneesles too. :-)

  7. I guess it's like the calluses that big dogs get on their "elbows" from lying on them ??


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