Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeding Frenzy

Feeding time seems to put everyone into a bit of a frenzy.

The guineas, who have been hanging out on the goat fence,

decide that my presence is undesirable.
They awkwardly take flight and set out to hunt insects.

Roy Boy is quite happy since his move to the henhouse.

 With so many girls to impress, his days are full.

He certainly has a short attention span!

The turkeys are always on hand at feeding time.

They follow me around,
waiting for their treat of Ritz.

I have to wear heavy leather gloves when giving them their Ritz,
as most times they miss the crackers and grab my fingers.

Once the turkeys have their treat, I take feed in for the Nigerian Dwarf goats.
They excitedly run from dish to dish, butting each other away.
You'd think that after all these years they would remember that there
is always enough to go around!

In my free time, I have been busily finishing quilts and working on smaller projects...
quilted buckets,

quilted gift card holders.
(also good for a small wallet, or business card holder)

quilted, woven hot pads and coasters,

and quilted gift tags.

I need more hours in each day!
Oh, if only I didn't need to sleep.
(And sleeping is something at which I truly excel!)

Have a great weekend!
 Hubbs and I will be scrubbing off the farm dirt and heading out for a holiday party.
It's fun to dress up a little.... but putting feet that are usually in muck boots into heels
is pure torture!!


  1. I excel at sleep to. When I'm stressed sleep is the best tranquiliser. You can't be stressed if you're asleep.

  2. Will you be selling any of your quilted items this holiday season? I am possibly interested in the quilted gift card holder, depending on the size. Thanks!

  3. Age doesn't help either when having to dig out the holiday shoes!!
    Loved the morning feeding tour!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. I love your sewing projects! You are so creative!

  5. Have fun at the party. You might want to share a photo with us, all dressed up in those heels that will undoubtedly be kicked off as soon as you come in the door.

  6. Oh my gosh, you have been so busy!!! I love the quilted buckets...and tags, and all of it. I make similar gift card holders too!!!
    Happy day!
    xo Kris

  7. Love your quilted crafts beautiful. Wonderful photos of your farm feeding frenzy . Have a great time at your pardo !

  8. You busy girl you! I don't seem to accomplish anything and I don't have all those farm duties! You are amazing...have a fun time with hubby.

  9. Is there some way you could bottle your energy and send me some??? You are so active, it almost wears me out just hearing all you do each day! But I would love to have a farm and critters like yours, I think I would find the energy somehow??!!!! Love your blog, long time follower, it is the highlight of my day. Have a good weekend. Marcy Antle from Atlanta

  10. the gift tags are fabulous. i sure wish i could sew! ben is in for sunday!

  11. I love your blog! i check it every morning. This post made me laugh. i run my own senior dog rescue in Los Angeles and have a variety of small dogs, different ages, different maladies. Boy when its feeding time do they come to life! You'd think by now everyone would know there's enough food to go around and no one will be left out. They eat like there's no tomorrow and then they all go take a nap!

  12. Enjoy your party..You will look like an entirely different person..I just love all the little things you have created..You are truly gifted..

  13. When there is o much that you enjoy it is hard to get it all done. I know the feeling.

    Love the farm animals. I hear the guineas roost well with the chickens too.

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. Ok, now your making me look lazy! lol!

    I luv your gift tags! 'sew' cute! lol!

  15. I'm exhausted just reading about what you've done! I always tell my husband on Sunday nights that I need just "one more day" . . .

    Oh, I agree with you about the heels! Have fun at the party!

  16. Hope you had a wonderful time at the party. Thank you for the pictures of the goats and chickens. Working on re-enforcing my chicken coop Sunday. Slop fest it is after the enormous amounts of rain we got, but they have a big platform to sleep and eat and their very own pasture. Cannot believe it has been dry for four days and still a slop mess. Very foggy here and damp.


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