Monday, December 10, 2012

Before and After

Ok, you asked for it!
And TomTom's face best describes us....

This is Hubbs and I on Saturday morning, doing the AM chores.
And, by the way, this is what our weather has been like for days....
mucky and murky.

And now, as you can tell by TomTom's satisfied face...

we have cleaned ourselves up for a Christmas party on Saturday night.
Yes, the dirt is washed away...
even from beneath our fingernails.

Ahhhhh, much better!

Sunday morning brought our usual farm breakfast followed by egg cleaning and packaging.
It seems we still have a jokester in the neighborhood.

I kept finding surprises in the egg boxes.

From now on, 
I will be making sure there are no markers around that our chickens can get ahold of.
Who knows what they might come up with next!
Crazy chickens!!


  1. You guys looked great cleaned up for the party. What a good looking couple you make. Christmas parties are always so much fun. I bet you had a ball. The prankster with the eggs has a wonderful sense of humor.

  2. Love the egg humor! I just ran across this one yesterday that made me laugh too.

    And by the way.... you both look so gorgeous when a all cleaned up. :)

  3. maybe someone was watching the game when they were marking those eggs! ew and ouch best describes it! you two clean up real good!!!

  4. LOL ! cute about the eggs and chickens with markers ! You both look very nice . Now time to get that farm dirt back on ya lol ! It has been rainy and cold here . Have a good day !

  5. You guys sure clean up nice. ;-) You look beautiful Bev!

  6. Thanks for sharing the "cleaned-up" version of yourselves. You look lovely and your hubby very handsome.

  7. Hey, you two clean up nice! LOL!! The 1st photo of TomTom's face is priceless! Love the egg messages! LOL!!!

    Have a great day!

  8. You and your hubs look wonderful! I love your outfit! My hubs and I went to my company party on Friday night. It was very nice and it is fun to get dressed up but it is always so nice to get home and put on my comfy clothes. I love the look on TomTom's face. He is a beautiful kitty! Happy Monday, Bev! Hugs, Meghan

  9. You two clean up well..Darling dress..very cute..thanks for the pics..Your chickens are as crazy as you are.."The sun will come out tomorrow" ?

  10. If there were sound on this post I would whistle at that spiffed up couple in this post!! Looking pretty fancy there!

    Your weather is looking a lot like ours, wet and dreary. But the girls(hens) are enjoying it.

    It's off to work I go, Hi Ho, Hi Ho!!

  11. Love the talking eggs! You and your husband look lovely together. I always laugh when someone comments on how well we clean up. Amazing, eh?
    Fun pics! My chickens are molting and I am only getting a couple eggs a week.
    Hope they hurry. I haven't bought eggs in a long time!
    xo Kris

  12. Al the photos are good, I especially like the kitty pics.

  13. What a beautiful photo of you both! Thanks for sharing. I understand about fog and muck and yuck. Everything so damp, nothing really dries out here until late February. And driving 40 miles to work in it really is upsetting at times...pea soup!

  14. Well you two clean up quite nicely!!! Hope you had a fun night out. I am interested in your chickens/eggs. How many chickens do you have? How many eggs do you collect a day? Do you sell them? How much do you sell them for? Wish I lived close enough to buy them, fresh are always the best by far!!!!

  15. Rebecca,

    Right now I have about 90 chickens of various ages (some quite old). I am getting about 3 dozen eggs daily. Yes, we sell them locally (word of mouth)...Hubbs takes them down to the city with him.

  16. You guys clean up good!!! I would definitely remove all writing materials from the coop! Silly chickens!


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