Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcoming December

The snow is just about all gone.

It was lovely while it lasted!

Just a little remains around the barn...

enough to put me in the holiday spirit!

I have started to decorate....

The tree in the living room is finished.

Just a sneak peak....
Dried hydrangeas from this summer's garden and burlap garland...

I'll share more as I finish, ok?

Have a lovely weekend.
We have a holiday party to attend.
It will be a great way to usher in December and start the Christmas season.

Now, let's see....I must find something festive to wear...
and of course, I must clean off the farm dirt!

See you Monday for more Tales from the Farm!


  1. Happy decorating and weekend festive!

  2. Love the tree....natural...the best! Can't wait to see the details.

    Have fun at the party...try not to act like a hick!

  3. Looks lovely ! Have a good weekend !

  4. The tree is beautiful and I love the pic of it with your assistant!

    We will be welcoming December in with lovely Oregon rain. I will be helping my sister in her booth at a Christmas Bazaar. Hopefully this will kick start my decorating.

    Enjoy your party and don't forget to clean behind your ears!!! hugs!

  5. Your tree is lovely! Have fun at your party and have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Meghan

  6. Oh so beautiful! I have been MIA, but will be back soon.
    xo Kris

  7. Run Chloe, Run Daphney.... mom's got that goofey Santa's Helper" hat out and looking for someone to pose in it! lol!

  8. Your tree looks wonderful..Right up my alley..Good job..Enjoy your party and the rest of your weekend..

  9. Yay! The season of joy and love has arrived! :) Your tree is beautiful. I love the white lights. The animals look like they're enjoying themselves too!

  10. Hi Beverly, Your tree is gorgeous!!! It is so pretty in front of your big windows. I love the look!


  11. The tree looks absolutely beautiful.. I won't be decorating this year. My husband just had his spine reconstructed and all my decorations and tree are in the shed where I can't get to them but Im OK with that. I've been blessed beyond measure. Can't wait to see the pictures you post :)
    Happy December :)
    Robyn :)


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