Tuesday, November 27, 2012


A picture of solitude...

so peaceful...

so calm....

so quiet? 

Don't let these photos fool you.
It is anything but peaceful here on the farm on this sunny afternoon.

The sounds of gunfire are a continuing reminder that this is my least favorite
week of the year.

"Deer Camp" or "Beer Camp" as it is called starts this week.
And unfortunately, the neighbor on the western most edge of the farm
is a deer camp.
Three hundred and sixty days of the year this deer camp is deserted.
Not this week, as is evidenced by the amount of "close" gunfire that I am hearing.
And in the air.... fear and death loom....
our local deer population running scared.

This week, each year, makes me nervous...
afraid for the safety of my dogs
(whose woodsy adventures are curtailed.)

I keep them close to me... calling "Sam!" , "Oakley" every few minutes
to make sure they don't stray.

 We have a week or two to endure
and then peace (and quiet) will once again settle over the farm.

Until then I will continue to pray for each and every deer that lives around here.
Praying that they can run fast, run smart,
and hide out in the safety of our "No Trespassing" woods!


  1. How horrible to have this happening so close to your home. But fortunate for the deer that they have a possible place of refuge. The thought of animals being hunted and shot for fun makes me feel ill.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. We have antelope season in this part of Colorado. My friend had one of her goats shot during one season a couple of years ago. Sadly, we don't have forests for the antelope to hide in. I've had hunters stop and ask if they can hunt on our land and I tell them no, it would freak out the horses.

  3. "Three hundred and sixty-three weeks of the year" ... LOL There are only 52 weeks in a year but I'm sure it must feel like a lot more when hunting season rolls around! God willing, the deer will take refuge in your woods and all your farm critters will continue to be safe and not be used for target practice!

    Marcia in Colorado

  4. Oh goodness, I meant "days", not weeks! I need a proof-reader!!!

  5. I hate deer season. It breaks my heart when it happens around our parts.

  6. Deer season makes me nervous too for my animals and the deer I love to watch all year long. Hope everyone stays safe.

  7. My husband and son went for a walk to the creek behind our house on Sunday, but didn't stay long. They forgot about hunting season and hightailed it back home. This is a neighbor's property, so we have no control over it. Thank goodness it doesn't last too long.

  8. I don't begrudge anyone hunting for food for their families. But go to the mountains away from farms!! In Oregon we have units that you can hunt in and they are not by farmland. I won't say that there aren't some "dumb" hunters who don't obey the rules but for the most part it pretty safe.

    And then there is the perfect picture, my Sadie!!!!! I'm so glad she doesn't venture far from the house! Of course she could venture to my house, you say it too far?? Darn!!!

    Here's to everyone staying safe from crazy hunters!!! hugs!!

  9. What a horrible time for you...I totally get how scared you must be. Deer are very smart, they have an instinct that lets them know when the season is coming. I have seen their reactions so many times. I pray yours are safe...including all you dear animals at home.

  10. I'd like to disagree with the majority of comments here. While I wouldn't want hunting that close to my property, I will defend the hunters who take part not for sport but for self reliance. In Pennsylvania, the deer population has continued to increase, partially due to habitat loss. Is it more humane that a deer die from starvation or a collision with a vehicle, then death by bullet or arrow? I do not agree with hunting as sport or for "trophies" however, hunting for meat is a good use of our wild resources, and certainly the meat is much more healthy and humane than the factory farmed meat sold in grocery stores.

  11. I hope everyone is safe and sound..and that the hunters don't hit their mark..

  12. I feel for you. Hunting season of any kind makes me a bit rattled. We have duck season and right in our own back yard it seems. I see those hunters laying down with their rifles...scares me have to death thinking what if a stray bullet hits me while I am feeding the chickens in the pasture? It just freaks me out. I will pray for a speedy week for you all! Hope it flies by without any mishaps...:)

  13. I'm sure it must be unsettling to hear gunfire so close. I hope all of your animals stay safe.

    I used to think hunting was so awful too until I read "Ominvore's Dilemma". No one cringes over buying meat from the store (except a vegan/vegetarian) but that cow/pig/chicken lived a much more horrible life on a commercial farm then a deer that's lived it's life being free in the woods.
    I'm against hunting for sport, where the animal is not used for food, but I a new supporter of hunting for food. Without this population check, deer and humans are at much greater risk. Plus, venison is a great source of free-range meat!

  14. We have the same thing here when it is hunting season. Miggy is gun shy and every time she hears a gun shot she cowards down till I tell her it's ok . Most of the hunters in this area eat the deer meat . I to don't really like it but it has been going on for centuries . I love your photos . Yes we have farms around us and it can get pretty noisy but it's a noisy I like ! Have a good day !

  15. We just got through our two weeks of hunting season, thankfully. So glad it's over. Another week in December of muzzleloader but less trespassers then and they also don't run dogs. It can be a chaotic time. Hope you don't have any trouble.

  16. I enjoy reading your blog as well as the comments left by your readers. I am not a regular commenter but with this post, my juices got flowing. IHATE hunting for sport--for the life of me I cannot understand how someone can enjoy snuffing a life and enjoy it--not in my brain waves to understand that. However, hunting takes place and that is that. When we moved into our new house surrounded by trees, the hunters would park at the end of the street, take their guns and walk into the woods surrounding our house, as well as other"s houses. It was not uncommon for us to look out into our back year and see hunters walking on our private property guns in hand with their dogs. Can't tell you how many hunters we chased away. Finally had to call the police----once a window got shot out it was time to act fast.How inconsiderate can they be???

  17. I don't know of ANYONE that hunts deer for sport. They always take the meat and use it. Hunting is no different than eating a cow. I do, however respect your right to not have your property used for hunting if you are against it. Interesting that you have a game of it on Thanksgiving with the family...... I do enjoy your blog ! I read it every day !

  18. So sad. I always feel badly for the poor animals that have to run for their lives. My husband is a policeman and had to shoot a deer the other night that was struck by a car. He always hates that that part of his job. He is not a hunter and finds that particular part of his duty difficult. The only thing that I can say to him is that the poor deer is not laying there suffering and terrified. I hope it is all over very soon for the dogs safety.

  19. Living in fear is just horrible. Hopefully the hunters are responsible, but i know a lot are not. They love to drink and shoot. :( Not very smart and very dangerous. I hope you all make it through well, and i'll be glad for you when it's all over.

  20. It's funny that there is a comment correlating our yearly game of paintball with hunting... I truly don't see any similarity. None of us that play are hunters...

    We have a hole in the roof of our barn that was put there by a hunter a few years ago. That is scary with all of the animals that we have pastured around the place.

  21. Oh how I hate 'deer season...I always worry about our safety as well as our neighbors, dogs safety...
    I still can not understand how it can be called a "Sport"...when people bait the deer with corn,,, which is illegal up here, but they do it anyways...then sit up in a blind and shoot at anything that shakes the bushes... we have several does & their babies that travel through our property tween the house and the mancave,,, we love their visits.
    hugz to you and all your critters.

  22. We are in the country outside a small town that used to have a squirrel killing contest yearly. I shudder every time I hear a rifle blast... and count our animals over and over. I was constantly scared when we had llamas. I'll be so glad when it stops again (hopefully) in two weeks.

  23. We are in the country outside a small town that used to have a squirrel killing contest yearly. I shudder every time I hear a rifle blast... and count our animals over and over. I was constantly scared when we had llamas. I'll be so glad when it stops again (hopefully) in two weeks.

  24. Your blog is great:) I love the feel of it. Also I am your newest follower. I hope you can get a chance to take a look at my blog.

  25. I had a feeling that your post would stir up some emotion. I can understand that some people think it is hypocritical to buy and eat meat from a supermarket whilst at the same time condemning those that hunt for meat. Yes, those deer may have had a better life than many of the cows/pigs/sheep that we eat, but it nonetheless seems somehow wrong to me to invade the natural habitat of deer, bears, tigers,etc for the purpose of hunting, whether for meat or sport. I have seen photos of hunters sitting triumphantly on top of their dead victims, and it just makes me feel very sad. Also the noise of the guns must be very traumatic for any animals within earshot.
    I still eat some meat, but I think many people, including my adult children, are choosing to become vegetarian because of the concerns they have about animal cruelty.

    So thankyou Bev for raising awareness and sparking a bit of debate!

    Kathy fronTasmania


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