Monday, November 5, 2012

My Favorite Day

Have I ever told you of my favorite day of the year?
You might try and guess...
and you would probably say Thanksgiving or Christmas or some
other holiday.

But no,
my most favorite day of the entire year was yesterday...
the end of Daylight Savings...
turning the clock back.

Most people love the idea that they can get an extra hour of sleep that night.
Not me.
No, I wait until the next morning and then turn my clock back....
giving me an extra hour... a gift, if you will... during the day.
It's wonderful....truly wonderful... an extra hour to get more done!

As for time change and the animals....

I was met by the same greeting as I fed each of the critters yesterday...
"You're late," they each admonished.

"I'm not late", I explained.  "I am actually a little early!"
Try to explain that to a four legged creature!

If you have followed my blog for a while,
you might remember a story a couple of years ago where I lost my camera in the woods,
while doing a perimeter check.
Well....this weekend was our annual perimeter check walk.

(Except for the fact that we only did a portion of the walk.)
We'll finish in the next few weeks.

Every Autumn, before hunting season, we check the perimeter of our land
and make sure that all of our "No Trespassing" signs are visible.

We always take the dogs...
they love the adventure.
Sadly, though, our Newfie Maddie is getting arthritic and can only take short walks.
So, rather than leave her at home, we decided to only do a portion of our walk.

There is so much that the dogs love about this activity...
so much to explore...
so many smells.

Our walk took us down in "The Holler"...
an area of woods in back of our house.
Our home sits on the top of the hill, the back surrounded by beautiful woods

and a few fern-gullies.
As you can see, Maddie takes every opportunity to rest a little.
It's hard to watch our best friends age and succumb to aches and pains.

Our grey weather continues,
compounded by the fact that now all of the leaves are off the trees.
Add in the colder temperatures and shorter days, it feels as if we have plunged
right into winter!

Here is a picture that I shared with you two weeks ago...

Here are the same woods now...

Stark, bleak, austere.... wintry!
At least they aren't snow covered...yet!

I actually don't mind this time of year at all.
The long evenings give me a chance to catch up on sewing projects.
(I am currently working on quilt #7 for this season.)
And truthfully, the break from hot weather is welcomed!!
I never thought I would say this....
but I love Winter!
(I know, I say that about every season!)


  1. I realize as I get older just how much of a gift the change of seasons truly is. When I was young, I wanted summer all year round. Now I cherish the cooler nights, the fall colors, the fire in the fireplace, family gathered rather than scattered.... New England winters can be long and grey, but I wouldn't give them up entirely.

  2. Hehehehehe! I always DREAD this time of year because my little Cairn terrier, McDuff, does NOT understand the time change. He starts whining for his food an hour earlier than he normally does, and he doesn't understand when I say, "it's not time yet!" He answers with a glare that only McDuff can give! Of course, you're goat seems to have mastered the look as well! :)

    I like the idea of turning the clocks back in the morning!

  3. Lovely photos ! We have sunshine finally and it is cold out but very refreshing . Our trees are mostly bare except the odd leaf still hanging on . Maddie I know how you feel I am Arthritic in the cold or damp as well .makes me feel like a rust bucket . Have a good day !

  4. Poor Maddie, its sad when the mind is willing but the body is not. How kind of you to think of her and cut your walk short. She is a lucky girl.

  5. Love your photos . . . the first was very nice. Liked the "short walk" and consideration for the arthritic one . . .
    The red berry, brilliant orange of yesterday and the winter gray . . . I really liked it all.

  6. poor maddie...but at least she is still going for the walks and enjoying them. i love winter! there is something about the bleakness that excites me! what a game, eh?

  7. I'm wanting to do some sewing myself these days. Must be the season!

    What a fun outing for the dogs!

  8. I love walking in the woods in the winter. We have a creek and woods across the field from us, and we make sure to walk it a couple of times in the fall and winter. But we just have one kitty that accompanies us!

  9. I love the seasons..Each one brings
    it's own activities and joys..Maddie makes me sad..she's such a dear...

  10. I do the same with my clock. It is like a gift for the day!

  11. I love the extra hour yesterday. I felt like I got so much accomplish, maybe the sunshine also helped.

    I glad to see Maddie and of course Sadie both out for a walk. It is sad when our girls start to mature. I'm dog sitting two golden for two weeks and one can no longer go for walks at all. But she seem to happy in the house with a few pats!

    Keeping my figures crossed the sunshine last a few days! I'm not a big fan on gray!!

    Enjoy sewing for that is what I'm doing now. Xmas isn't that far off!

  12. What stunning photos!!!!
    Have a happy day!
    xo Kris

  13. The contrast in those two photos is amazing what can happen in a few weeks!

    Looks like you had a lovely walk! I hope you have a lovely week too!


  14. Always love catchin up with your blog! I thought about you when those storms hit. Glad everyone's safe...and can't wait for you to show off those quilts!!??

  15. What a wonderful place you have. And what a difference in those trees. The bare trees look comforting in a way.. like they're saying.. okay, it's time for more darkness and rest. I feel sad for Maddie. Animals try so hard to keep up with us when they age.. it's good of you to shorten your walks for her. I'm sure she notices.. :)


  16. I'd like to invite you to join me at the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week!

    I hope to see you there!
    Kathy Shea Mormino
    The Chicken Chick


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