Friday, November 2, 2012

Memories, Part Two

Dreary weather continues here on the farm.
For the past two days I have been absent for part of each day...
family business.

So, my apologies again....
I have nothing newsworthy to share.

The animals are all a bit damp and most are choosing the shelter of their homes.
Happily, the sun is due to make an appearance today (maybe)...
and I will once again have critter stories to share with you.

To end the week, I will continue yesterday's post with a few memorable photos
from years gone by.....

A young Sadie meets Becky's Fagner, who (sadly) passed last year.
Fagner was a Hanoverian and her first eventing horse.
They are standing in the field where our indoor arena and upper pastures now stand.

Moonbeam joyfully kicks up his heels, racing around the dry lot....

Our very first band of guineas in formation, doing what guineas do best....
insect hunting!

The first goat babies born on the farm....
OMG, the cutest!!!!

The garden, before boxes were built...
Oh, what a difference!!

Oh my...... grasshopper love.
I love this picture.

Maddie in her glory....

Thanks for hanging in there with me this week.
I promise I will have my blogging mojo back next week....
with more "current" tails from the farm!


  1. Lovely photos ! I get into the blogging slump some times where there just isn't anything going on here or the weather as it has been is YUCKY for a week . Hoping for some sunshine here soon as well. Have a good day !

  2. I have been loving your memory photos!

  3. wonderful photos! an oh my gawd....those baby goats!!! too cute for words!

  4. OMG Sadie and Fagner have the same coloring! How cute

  5. I'm loving the step back in time. Great picture to start the blog, hmmm wonder why I like it, hee-hee!

    I think the blog slump has to do with the time of the year. I've read several who are out of ideas, just day to day routine or they are super busy.

    Enjoy you weekend, Hugs!!!!

  6. Grasshopper Love... LOVE IT!

  7. Wonderful photos from the past but that Grasshopper need to frame that one!!! Put your name on it and put it in Pinterest. It will go wild.

  8. My heart just melts at seeing your baby goat pictures; I don't care how old your pictures are, I enjoy them all. Thank you for sharing. Have a nice weekend. Supposed to be low 70's here in Marysville and bright and sunny; my chickens will love it as they enjoy their ritz cracker Sunday Brunch.

  9. Thank you for sharing your pictures. I adore those baby goat pictures. I don't care how old your pictures are, I enjoy them all. Have a nice weekend. Supposed to be in the low 70's here in Marysville with bright and sunny skies. My chickens will love it and they will love their ritz cracker Sunday brunch.

  10. I love visiting the past at the farm..One forgets how things "were"..and how much you have improved upon and changed things...I hope the warm weather isn't totally gone..Looks like it could be..Have a nice weekend..

  11. Magnificent photos! love love love.

  12. I seriously love goats, especially babies! If I spent more time at home my garden would be bigger and I'd have goats, llamas and chickens!


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