Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Smiles

Yesterday's sunny skies gave me a chance to visit with all of the animals.

Maddie and I set out in the gator at afternoon feed time.
Usually Maddie rides shotgun,
yesterday she was just too tired.

And although it is a bit harder to drive the gator with 150 pounds of dog
in front of the gas pedal and brake,
we made do.

We stopped to visit Ginger

and MaryAnn.

The girls were quite pleased to have visitors.
They have been spending a great deal of time inside their house,
with the past two weeks of inclement weather (mostly).

And as usual, it is always a group activity....
pigs, dogs, cats...
anyone that happens to be in the vicinity.

Ginger and MaryAnn are always compelled to give Maddie the "once over"
with their noses....which makes Maddie a little nervous,
but she holds perfectly still.

The donkey gals are completely back to normal,
since their relatively "sedate" afternoon two days ago.
As with all the critters, feeding time is their favorite,
and they busily munch away on their afternoon treat of hay.
Don't you just love how their forehead fur has started to look like bangs?

Speaking of loving feeding time,
I was met at the feed bin by Fred.
Mating season is over, so once again feeding time is his favorite as well!

Got Ritz???

Skinny little Moll Flanders made it through her surgery with no problems.
Compared to the kind of life she has lived up to this point,
surgery was a mere speed bump in the road for her!
It's back to 2 square meals and a toasty warm bed for her.

We worried that Moll had come to us "knocked up"....
but her surgery showed that her little round belly
was nothing more than a few meals saved up in her intestines.
I think that litter box will come in handy really soon, Moll!

We will be having farm guests for the weekend...
and our weather is to warm up a bit,
so, I am sure we will have lots of tales to share with you on Monday!

Have a great weekend!!

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Join us...

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  1. i look so forward to reading your blog each morning. i love visiting with the gang. have a great weekend. you should have great weather for a visit with guests. madie is one special pup!

  2. So sweet! I love to see the animals getting along together ... and the goat's waiting for the Ritz! It would be so hard to resist that face! :)

  3. I may not always leave a comment but I really enjoy reading your 'tails' about the farm! One day I hope to have a small hobby farm and I pray that all my animals will get along like yours do.

    Have a great weekend with your guests!

  4. Always love seeing the animals ! So glad everything went well for Moll another happy farm pet loved and cared for by wonderful people ! It is to warm up a bit for us this weekend as well ! Have a lovely weekend !

  5. Thanks for sharing and taking me around to visit the animals...Enjoy your weekend and your company.

  6. Maddie wasn't lazy! She is practicing up for when I come to visit the farm. She is learning to leave room on the passenger side for guest! Good Maddie!!!

    All the animals bring a smile for me. It is the best way to start the day!

    Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday!

  7. My dog loves to sit at our feet too! Nice foot warmer though.
    Bet it is getting chilly out your way!
    xo Kris

  8. If I thought I could hook up my lil trailer,,,I'd be in PA in a heartbeat! lol!
    We got our 1st drop of snowfall over night, everything is covered in a blanket of white, quite pretty I'll be posting pics as soon as my camera battery is charged up,,, in the mean time I need to go out & re-fill the bird feeders...
    Give Maddie a great big hug for me,,, she looks so 'resigned' when it comes to MaryAnn & Ginger. lol!

  9. Lovely post as usual Bev! Love your critters especially Moll.

  10. Oh my goodness! Such squeal worthy adorableness!

  11. Finally time to put that heat lamp on my chickens! They acted horrible with one another...making sure they each had their own roosting positions just so. Supposed to be 35 degrees and that is mighty chilly this time of year. I am still getting zucchini! Covered those babies with plastic. Hope your weekend was wonderful.


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