Thursday, November 15, 2012


Hubbs arrived home early yesterday....
something that rarely happens.

So, we took advantage of the gorgeous Autumn day
with the sun sinking low in the sky,

 and took the boy dogs for a walk in the woods.
Sadly, we had to leave the girl dogs (our geriatric gals) at home.

This walk was a long one...over to the hundred acre woods
 to finish the task of hanging and marking No Trespassing signs.
"Hello MaryAnn!" as we pass the pigpen.

I love meandering through the woods, taking in all of the magic that nature has to offer.

Nature tells so many stories and teaches so many lessons.

the Love Tree...

See how this tree starts its life out as one, and then splits into two...
only to eventually re-join into one single tree.

(I imagine it just like soul mates, who upon their arrival on this earth
are separate, but after finding each other, are once again joined...
never to be separate again!)
(Yes, I am a romantic!)

And then there is this...
from death comes life...

The original trunk of this tree is twisted and gnarled, having fallen onto the ground.
But because just enough nourishment could still be transported through its roots into
the far side of its trunk, new trees have grown out of the old.
Old trees that die and fall to the ground become the birthplace of mosses, ferns, and fungus.

Pretty amazing...this thing called "life"!

And how about these holes....

a drill couldn't have made them any more perfect.
Thank you Mr. Woodpecker!
Amazing, huh?

I love these walks.

While the dogs hunt and chase scents,
and Hubbs makes sure that hunters stay out of our safe haven,

I ponder the miracle and perfection of nature.

And at the end of the day, we are all tired and fulfilled!

If you haven't had the pleasure of a walk through the woods, lately...
I highly suggest you get out there!
And keep your eyes open to all that is around you.
You, too, will be amazed!


  1. Lovely, thanks for taking us along for the walk.

  2. What a nice afternoon you two had. In the summer time I walk on a bike path that is paved through the middle of the woods. It is very peaceful.

  3. A lovely walk . Thanks for taking us along . Miggs and I often take a walk through our woods it is so peaceful and amazing ! Wonderful post and photos ! Have a good day !

  4. what a wonderful place to walk. do the hunters ever ignore your signs?

  5. Wonderful walk, breath in the fresh air, can't get any better!

  6. Thanks for taking me along with you on your nature walk..I would probably have to be left behind with the geriatric gals.

  7. Thanks for the lovely walk in the woods...oh, how I miss it! Our snow has melted if it warms up, I just might do that.

  8. Loved the walk through your gorgeous property. The long lane is amazing. I do hope no one does a tres pass!

  9. This was a very peaceful post. I can feel the peace and beauty of your woods. I enjoyed it today, thank you!


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