Monday, October 29, 2012


Some weekends are packed so full with activity,
that they actually feel like a week!

This past weekend was busy, busy, busy.
We spent a good part of Saturday finishing up Fall Cleanup
and battening down the hatches in preparation for a major storm.

We had a visit from Tyler on Saturday.
Grampie took him on a slow and safe 4 wheeler ride....putt, putt, putt to the barn.

Upon arrival at the barn,
we witnessed 5 equines making a hasty escape.
(Someone had forgotten to latch a gate, and they shrewdly seized the opportunity!)

Up to our hay field they galloped, bucking with glee.
And there, with the help of our friends Jim and Kathy,
we rounded them up with promises of tasty grain.

Back home on lead ropes,
with Scarlet in tow.
She is never one to acquiesce to the placement of a halter
(at least not when she is in the middle of an adventure such as this).

So, she simply followed the rest of us back to the barn.

We captured the Littles, by chasing them into an open pasture.

We are right in the path of Hurricane Sandy,
and as she meets an arctic storm,
we will have much rain and high winds over the next few days.
Schools here are closed, as well as some businesses.
If our blog is missing any day this week, it will be due to a power outage.

To those of you living in coastal areas and near water, we wish
you safety.   You will be in our hearts over the next few days!


  1. I hope you are all safe through this storm! I'm in Lanc County, and not looking forward to this storm! I'm praying for all in the path of this storm to be safe.

  2. That last photo is a total keeper.

    We have rain and much colder temperatures today... snow on the way tonite and tomorrow, but I think it will just be wet, sloppy stuff. Brrrr.

    Take care and you and all the critters stay dry!

  3. stay safe!!! it is heading here too!!! you got to see a very good game!

  4. Lovely photos ! Hey they just wanted to see if the grass was greener on the other side lol ! Yup storm is going to hit us here as well in Southwestern Ontario it has been raining since Fri flood warnings are in affect and we are hunkering down ! Stay safe and warm .

  5. Sounds like you need to buckle down the hatch!! Being from Florida, my Mom puts up her metal sheilds in her windows when the first wind gust comes her way and she just now had them taken down! Sooooo strange that the hurricanes are now heading farther up the coast line. Put away all trashcans, lawn chairs and anything that a person can pick up or not nailed down. The wind loves to pick up things like that and throw them at your windows!
    God Bless!

  6. How wonderful for the equines, having that little freedom party in a hay field...for a little while, not long enough to make themselves sick!

    Stay safe.

  7. I hope all goes well for you guys and the storm. I have a son in DC and they are prepared as well as can be.

  8. I'll be thinking about you guys! Hope all goes well and Sandy doesn't cause any damage.

  9. Love the Freedom Run! Cute pics of the big catch and the walk.

    Praying everyone on the East Coast is safe!

    Did Tyler make a wish?? So cute!!

    Stay safe! Hugs!!

  10. We're worried about you, Bev! Stay safe!

  11. Oh those naughty equines!! Your little guy is adorable. I can well imagine how much he loves to visit the farm!!
    xo Kris

  12. I do hope you and all the animals stay safe. We will be thinking of you and waiting for updates.

  13. I am Tyler's Aunt Amy on his Daddy's side. I love seeing pics of Tyler on your posts. That last one is priceless. Be Safe this weekend.

  14. Silly horses..I guess we all need an adventure from time to time..Sandy will be enough of one for me for awhile...Stay safe..

  15. I too am worried about you and all your animals. Have been tuning into the news over here and it sounds as though this storm is being taken very, very seriously.

    Kathy from Tasmania


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