Monday, October 15, 2012

First Frost

Mother Nature has a way of bringing us up short.
Just when we think we have a handle on her shenanigans,
she surprises us... catches us off guard.
And that is just what she did this weekend.

She dropped by the farm on Saturday morning wearing a heavy frost.
Sadly, I hadn't anticipated this appearance,
and had not made the necessary preparations.

That is.... I should have been prepared by harvesting all of the rest of the peppers
in my garden.

Mother Nature decided that I would be better served with less work to do,
and saw to it that my peppers died a quick death.

And so, on Sunday, Hubbs and I spent a little time in the garden,
cleaning up and winterizing.

We pulled the rest of the dead tomatoes and peppers.

We harvested carrots and parsnips

that had grown to such magnitude they were nearly impossible to get out of the earth!

Naturally, Bobby Cat helped in the process.

Elton kept a close eye on us.

Sammy found a soft, warm bed...
a zinnia bed...

for a nap.

Look who else found a safe place in a zinnia box...

Last week when I had counted guineas, I thought I was one short.

It seems this little lady was busy....

But since it is not a good time of year for guinea moms to be tending a brood,
I stole her eggs.
Sorry guinea....but, let's wait until Spring comes...ok?

Meanwhile, the rest of the guineas?



  1. Old man Winter is coming too quickly here too...don't like it!!! We have way too many projects we still want/need to do around Irishman Acres! Happy (short) Fall! ~Kim

  2. Guinea eggs..Sam looks comfy..Sorry about your peppers..My Geraniums were loaded with buds...Guess I'll pull them out this week..just one more project...Happy Fall

  3. Burrrrrrrrr! Mr Frost sure does put an end to gardening. We have down pour here with a low of 59. Don't think anything will frost. But I'm done in the garden. No more tomatoes!!!

    I love all your help in the garden, well Sammie may not be help but he sure is enjoying being there with you. So where were the rest of the doggies??

    Have a great start to a new week! Hugs!!

  4. You always brighten my work days! Always love your posts. I was shocked to see the heavy frost.

    Laura/Sacramento Ca

  5. Wonderful post and photos ! We had a light frost a few days ago and now it has been raining and very windy since Sat afternoon , It has been chilly and damp but yesterday we had humidity and it got warm and now it is chilly again I don't think Mother nature here knows what she want's to do ! Guinea chimney's that's funny ! Have a good day !

  6. I really like Bobby Cat. And the birds (?pea hens?) on the roofs are interesting.

    To anyone reading this - please visit my blog about a colony of abandoned/feral cats near my home. And you might decide to sign on as a follower to my blog since it has stories and information helpful for cat caretakers everywhere.
    Thank you,

  7. I dont think we are ever ready for winter. It sneaks up on us every year. Guineas will definitely slip away and lay eggs. Good catch.

  8. I always love the first frost. It breaks that cycle of summer heat! How sweet that the little guinea was laying her eggs!

  9. Hard frost can be deadly, but it sure it beautiful to look at in these pics! Love them. Bobby Cat is very handsome, and has an awesome tail. :)

  10. That second pic looks like my rubber tree! Only we can't get it outside because it's sooo big... I'm sure it would love to be out for the summer, tho, the cacti enjoy the heat and sun - long gone now.


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