Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Did you hear that?
That was a huge sigh of relief uttered by 


and her daughter Nettie B.

Mating season is officially over.
All that is left are the months of waiting....
waiting for Spring's arrival and the return of (our favorite time of year) kidding season.

While the does are quite relieved,
poor Chip is quite unhappy.

He stands in his pen crying for the does.
Obviously mating season was not long enough for Chip.
Well, Chip, you only have to wait another year for the next one!

Unaware of males, mating, or things of that nature,
the pigs were in their pigpen, yesterday, trying on costumes for next week's Halloween party.

Ginger was trying on various outfits while MaryAnn critiqued them.
(Note MaryAnn sticking out her tongue in disapproval!)

Obviously, the witch's hat is not MaryAnn's favorite!
I think she objected to the green spider on the hat's brim.

Chloe, our donkey fashionista of course chose a hat with flowers.

"How about you, Daphne....
would you like to dress up too?"

Daphne: "Is there no end to the indignities you make us suffer?"

I guess Daphne will be attending our party as a donkey.

PS:  The first part of this post is for you, Laura, in Sacramento (Marysville), CA!


  1. Those pigs are just too cute! And I've never seen a goat with the coloring of Myrtle. She's pretty. No wonder Chip is crying.

  2. I think Mary Ann actually wanted to eat that hat!

    Poor Chip, I do feel sorry for him!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  3. quite a fashionable group. and everyone seems to be in a halloween mood! no one will recognize daphne in her donkey costume!

  4. I laughed out load when I saw Chip's expression! I love Chloe in her hat.

  5. Ha, Ha, Enjoyed the costumes for the party!

    Poor chip, but I'm sure the girls are happy!

    Hear to another fun day!

  6. Hi Bev,
    The girls all look so sweet in their hats you have fashioned for them.. What a great post! Thanks for the smile this morning.

  7. So nice to see all the animals getting gussied up for the holiday to come!. What fun they will have when they walk the neighborhood and knock on doors asking for treats! :-)

  8. New to your blog - love it. I love the pigs - the hats are too funny! We used to have donkeys and pygmy goats too when my daughters were young. All grown up now so we're down to nine chickens. Never dressed the donkeys up though, haha!

  9. We're just going into our breeding season. The boys here are really looking forward to girls joining them (some tonight, but don't tell them). Love the hat on Chloe.

  10. Ha Ha!

    Thank you so much for the goat pictures! Made my day extra special.

    Laura-Marysville Ca.

  11. All equally beautiful animals.. the ones in costume and the ones not! Ginger and Maryann are as splendid as always. :) Love love love!

  12. So cute ...would be fun to be at the party..Love Chloes hat...You are too much...Poor Chip..A year is a long time for a guy...


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