Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After The Storm

Thank you all for your well-wishes over the past few days.
I took all of that positive energy and sent it onward to those in need...
to our eastern coastline communities.

While we did receive a lot of rain and wind,
we were lucky in that we sustained no damage.

Our pastures have tiny streams running through them...
but we've had worse!

The spring beneath our old log cabin is overflowing,

and our pond is quite full...

not unlike any storm with abundant rain.

We lost a few trees within our woods,
but they were dead ones that would have blown down eventually.

Our critters stayed under shelter or indoors until yesterday afternoon,
when things slowed down a bit.

MaryAnn ventured out yesterday afternoon for the first time in 48 hours.
Ginger stayed in bed (lazy pig).

The goats still have not left the warmth and fresh hay that fills their houses.

The chickens refused to stay in even in the worst weather.
They don't let a little storm keep them from their daily adventures!

The wind and rain did knock over our kale "trees", however.

We have been eating kale from these 5 plants for the past 5 months!
If you are looking for something to plant in your garden that just keeps giving...
let me suggest you plant some curly kale.

If we have a mild winter, we might continue to enjoy fresh kale for months to come.
I put kale in "everything" within reason....soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, etc.

The miserable weather brought our new stray to the barn to dry out and eat.

Meet "Kitty"....he/she has no name yet.
If he/she stays, we will have Dr. Becky determine his/her gender and neuter accordingly.
For now it's just "Kitty."

PS:  Happy Halloween....

the animals' Halloween party has been cancelled due to the weather.
I think they are ok with that...
no one seems to love dressing up, anyways!


jaz@octoberfarm said...

glad you weathered the storm! teddy hates it and has only gone out to pee once. that puppy has a big tank! my roof continues to leak. it snowed all around us but not one flake here! halloween has been canceled and rescheduled for saturday.

thecrazysheeplady said...

Glad you are safe! I am with you on that kale.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I'm so glad you and the critters are all safe and doing well. How sweet that Kitty has figured out what a wonderful home you have. Why wander off anywhere else?

Karen Bates said...

Glad all is well. Try and stay's here too.

Junebug said...

We haven't had any great storms just a little rain and I still have to boot Jazi outside. Talk about a fair weather dog! Glad to see all is well on the farm. Love new kitty, now why wouldn't he/she stay with what you have to offer?

I've never tried much Kale, always thought it was bitter. Got any great suggestion on how to develop a taste! I know it is good for you.

Stay warm, dry and safe!! Hugs

Patrice said...

Glad everyone is okay. I bet the ducks are quite happy with the pond!

jean said...

Oh, I'm glad you all are fine and the storm didn't get worse than it was for you. Ginger knows where it's warm and comfy, cozy : )

LovePetunia said...

Mr/Miss Kitty is beautiful and very smart to venture onto your farm! Glad that you are all well! Meghan

Sues Armoire said...

So glad yall are okay. The kitty is very blessed to find a good home. I am with you on the kale!


edenhills said...

Glad everyone made it through safely. I can't believe you get goats to share those little houses.

Katmom said...

as you know,,, we, over here in the Inland NW are soggy but greatful to not be as soggy as those poor folks on the East Coastal areas. Our hearts are with them.
As for costum party/trick-o-treating... looks like Halloweenie is gonna be a quiet event around our neck-o-the woods... everything is soggy & we are due in more rain later tonight. Not a loss tho'... it just means all that chocolate I bought will be consumed... by Gary & I ! heeheeheeh! :>)
Stay safe & dry....

Margie said...

So GLAD to see all is well at my favorite farm! It's good to see those sweet little animal faces are all safe and sound. We just got our power back ... it's so good to have lights and heat again! :)

Missy George said...

A lot of Halloween parties and trick or treats have been cancelled or postponed..All in all we were very lucky..

Nadine Dobeneck said...

The ducks look like they love their full pond. Ginger is pretty smart to stay in bed with this rainy cold weather!

Anonymous said...

Your unnamed cat looks exactly like a stray I took in nine years ago and still have. Her name is Dink, kind of a unisex name since back then I didn't know her persuasion. She is my constant companion - and I mean constant. Right now she's on my lap as I type. In fact, it was she who suggested you name her cousin, Dink. She may be kidding but I doubt it since she's usually quite serious.


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