Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Welcome September!

For all intents and purposes, the summer is now over.
Another Labor Day weekend has come and gone.
The days are shorter; the nights are cooler.
The swallows are flocking.

The ragweed/goldenrod is blooming.

The garden is offering forth the last of summer's ripening deliciousness.

Fall crops remain hidden in the ground...
carrots, parsnips, and sweet potatoes will stay beneath their earthy blanket until
cold nights are upon us.

We began our tomatillo harvest this weekend...

purple tomatillos... a first for us.
We plan to use these to make a purple version of salsa verde.
I love how not only the skin is purple, but also the flesh.

We picked a lot of peppers...

(tons and tons of peppers)

and turned them into hot pepper relish and hot sauce.
Hot sauce is one of our favorite condiments.
 (Amanda eats it on everything...and the hotter the better for her!)

We had a visit from Tyler and his Mommy.
They stayed over night....what fun!
An early morning gator ride (in our jammies) to see the animals

helped us to work up an appetite for breakfast.
Oh, goodness....One Eyed Myrtle, before breakfast???

We rode past the corn field and pondered  the difference between feed corn
and the corn that we eat.

Two year olds are like sponges,
they soak in everything that you say to them...
saving it for later use!

It was quite a full weekend.

I have to say...
I am excited that September is here.
Life will slow down again.
Autumn on the farm is quite enchanting...
with breezes blowing dry crunchy leaves,
cool, crisp moonlit nights.
The animals all become more energetic with the onset of cooler weather.
Truthfully.... so do I!


  1. I'm looking forward to fall too... and I'm usually a summer person! This one was hot and dry and buggy.

    We had tons of peppers too! I have a pile of them on the counter that need rinsing.

  2. What joy it is to teach "little sponges!"

  3. Fall is my favorite season of all. As much as I enjoy summer,like you, I love the cooler weather. Great photos of Tyler in his jammies. Back to work for me today after having the summer off. School starts today!!!

  4. i know fall is coming but our weather doesn't know it. i walked outside with teddy early this morning and the humidity is 93%. i can hardly breathe out there. your peppers look wonderful. my daughter eats hot sauce on everything too.

  5. Its as hot as heck here ! I would like our old Septembers back cool and fresh . Kids start back at school today in the area . The golden rod has been in full here in the field beside us since last month .I am so looking forward to cooler days ! Lovely photos . Have a great day !

  6. I love Fall but I still need summer. With the wet Spring I got my garden in late and I still need a few weeks of summer. I did can tomatoes last night but have dozen of green on the vine yet. I'm thinking Mr. Tyler likes his Gator rides. Hugs to All!

  7. I do like this time of year but it always makes me sad...to see it go. Winters are just hard on my body...darn.

  8. Hi Bev, can I please get your hot sauce recipe? Or tell me where to look for yours.... I want to try making some this year...
    Thanks, Dawn

  9. Still waiting for that cooler weather..The humidity is a killer..I'll be glad when my hair is straight again..I just love fall..

  10. Oh I do wish the cooler weather would show up. Your harvest looks wonderful!

  11. Wow, what beautiful veggies. Those tomatillos are fabulous! And the peppers!!!! Wow!
    Love seeing your little one in his jammies for a ride.
    Fall is my favorite season, but we sure get short one. IT is still triple digits, but I am slowly beginning to make my house cozy for the shorter days.
    : ) Kris

  12. Love your blog and especially the photos. Would you please share your recipes for hot pepper relish and hot sauce. I've been looking for a good recipe for a few years. Thanks so much.

  13. I just ordered purple tomatillo seeds from Baker Creek. I can't wait to grow them this summer. Heck...I can't wait for summer. Or temps above 40!



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