Monday, September 17, 2012

Family Fun

What a gorgeous weekend it was.

It was a fun, fall family farm type of weekend for us!

A visit from Tyler and his Mommy was the highlight of Saturday.

We took Tyler to a local farm that has opened their doors as a "Family Fun Farm".

They turned several acres of their farm into a play land for children of all ages...

with a huge hay bale maze....

through the castle door and into a labyrinth....

There were pedal cars for young...

and old....
(yes, that's Hubbs on a pedal tractor, racing with Tyler)

rubber duck races...

(water pumps on water tubs with gutters for the ducks to float down)

a cow train...
(How cute is this?  I think I'll have to procure a few white barrels and make one of these!)

a hay mountain with slides...

The creativity that went into this attraction just amazed me.
Nothing high-tech, just good ole farm stuff.
I love simple, fun activities like this!

Once back home, we made our rounds on the gator and visited all of the animals.

Ritz treats for the goats....

And lots of Ritz for Tyler, too!

Tyler at two is everything a two-year-old could be....
capricious is the best word I can think of!

Don't let that smile fool you...
it can change at the drop of a hat!
Especially if he sees one of these....(screaming his head off!!)

Finally I wanted to share with you a special website...
a friend...
who is an artist and makes the most adorable felted wool animals.

She also paints, and painted a picture of Moonbeam.

This picture for inspiration...

yielded this beautiful watercolor.

I think she captured him perfectly!

Please stop by and visit her website and check out the adorable creatures
that she brings into the world!


  1. that farm is amazing. i love how creative they are with designing the different aspects. and then tyler gets to come back and have incredible fun at your place. btw...i would be screaming along with tyler! i hate creepy crawlies!

  2. What a fun post and a fun day! Aren't those cow trains adorable. We have several at one of our farms that has a Fall Fling. They also have a pig train, painted pink with curly tails! That water color of Moonbeam is fabulous. I will have to go check out her site. Here's to the beginning of a great week!! Hugs!

  3. How cool that they created so much activity with regular farm items. Almost time for pumpkins. Yum, the flavors of Autumn.

  4. I love Moonbeams portrait. She did a great job..Looks like you all took advantage of the great weekend..Good times..Making memories..

  5. I am with you Bev, I love the simple, down to earth. I can't belive what they have done here on the farm for the children.. It is really great! Much better than the high tech stuff.

    Tyler looks adorable! I am sure he enjoys his visits with you at the farm.. Looks like he is really enjoying himself.

    On a last note.. How very sweet of you to feature my painting here and link back.. What a surprise! I am truly grateful. Thank you so much.

  6. That's awesome . I would love to play there ! Wonderful photos and I do love that painting of Moonbeam ! Glad you had a great weekend ! Have a good day !

  7. What a great place to take the family! I love it! Nowadays it does seem that there are so many rides and such, and so expensive!!!
    I love the cows too!!!
    I think two years old is about my favorite age!!!!
    Love the painting of MoonBeam!!!

  8. Hi Bev - Are you willing to share the location of the farm you visited? My granddaughter would enjoy it too!

  9. is at the Hoover Turkey farm. Take 322 to the Newport exit. Go into and through the square to the first stop sign. Turn right and go through town. There are little signs on the telephone poles that say "Family Fun Farm".....just follow the signs.


  10. Oh my Word! Tyler is really growing up fast..... yikes! where did the time go?

    P.S. I luv those cute 'cow wagons'...


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